Monday, October 31, 2016

33 83 87 88 94 231 | Death of Bears founder, George Halas, October 31, 1983, 33-years ago +MNF, October 31, 2016, Vikings @ Bears (Bears upset?)

Today is the 33-year anniversary of the death of George Stanley Halas, aka "Papa Bear".

Notice his alias, "Mr. Everything".

What a name...

George = 39/57; Stanley = 24/33/96; Halas = 14/23/41; Sr. = 10/19/37

Again, 33-years.  Now, the anniversary, on MNF.

*Notice he was born February 2, the 33rd day of the year.

This is the 110th regular season game between the Vikings and Bears.

Let us decode his birth and death numerology.  Again, he was born on the 33rd day of the year, February Second.

2/2/1895 = 2+2+1895 = 117
2/2/1895 = 2+2+1+8+9+5 = 27
2/2/95 = 2+2+85 = 2+2+95 = 99 (Illinois = 99) (Thirteen = 99)

He died in the year '83.  Football = 83

10/31/1983 = 10/31/1983 = 10+31+19+83 = 143
10/31/1983 = 10+31+(1+9+8+3) = 62
10/31/1983 = 1+0+3+1+1+9+8+3 = 26 (Bear = 26) (Bears, with a chance to go 2-6 on 33-year anniversary)
10/31/83 = 10+31+83 = 124
10/31 = 10+31 = 41 (Halloween = 41)

He was 88-year old when he died.  If John Fox and the Bears upset the Vikings tonight, he would earn his 8th win as the coach of the Bears, in Week 8.

Halloween... Day of Death...

To see the stats heading into the game, including the fact that this will be Jay Cutler's 137th regular season game, and John Fox's 231st game.... read here:

137, the 33rd prime
231... Hillary Rodham Clinton... George Stanley Halas, Sr.

Also, it should be noted that he died '94' days before his 89th birthday.  That is the Fibonacci number that comes before 144.

'94' is the big number on the 2016 season and World Series.

The 2016 season began on the 94th day of the year.
The Indians won 94 games this season.  (Their manager is 57 years old)
The Cubs won their 94th game in their 147th game of the season
See past blog posts for more '94' on the series.
'94 was also the lockout year, where the Indians were one of the better teams

Notice the divisors of '94' sum to '144'.  144 is the Fibonacci number that follows 89.

Time = 144 (Jewish Gematria)
Hendricks = 144 (Pitcher for Game 7 of World Series, should it happen)

Hendricks came out after his 88th pitch, in the NLCS Game 7.

Check the '117' birth numerology above.

1963?  When you count 1 through 63, it totals 2016.


  1. Ok get this...the 51st NFL season was in the year 1970. That was Superbowl 5, Colts vs Cowboys, and Colts won. I see a '97' in 1970.

    Well, it is currently the 97th NFL season this year and the year of 51st Superbowl. Colts vs Cowboys is something we really need to look into further.

    The Indians last made the World Series in the year 1997, another "97", and they're in the World Series now.

    Superbowl 5, in 1970, was played in Miami, Florida. In the 1997 World Series, the Indians last apperance, they played the Miami Marlins.

    Jose Fernandez, who died recently in the "boating accident", played for the Miami Marlins.

    A few big names retired this year and they all have Miami ties. Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Alex Rodriguez.

    Andre Johnson was born in Miami and played for University of Miami. Houston drafted Johnson in 2003. He played with the Colts and retired as a Tennessee Titan. The Tennessee Titans were originally located in Houston.

    Lebron James was drafted in 2003, like Andre Johnson, by Cleveland. Lebron won a title for Cleveland this year and his previous team was the Miami Heat, who he won titles for as well.

    The Superbowl for the NFL season in 2003 was played in Houston, just like this year's Superbowl and the 2003 World Series was won by the Miami Marlins.

    Arian Foster ended his career while playing for the Miami Dolphins. He also played for Houston.

    Alex Rodriguez grew up and went to high school in Miami and even committed to the University of Miami before opting to go pro instead. A-Rod met his wife in Miami and had kids there. He played for the Texas Rangers and the Texas Rangers are located in the Dallas area, like the Cowboys.

    There's some sort of Miami, Houston, Cleveland riddle going on. I found all these small connections in like 20 mins. Im pretty sure it can go deeper

  2. It would only be fitting for Ronnie hillman=144 to do something
    Hillman=33 wears 33
    From bday to Super Bowl is 144 days
    From today to Super Bowl is 97 days (97th NFL season)

  3. Replies
    1. Coincidence theorist? Final score might make it official

    2. yeah that would be dope with the c like how the helmet has.

    3. Early prediction 20-13 can go either way

      Or maybe leave out coincedence theorist or minimize it and put it somewhere but focus and figure out a layout to put on the shirts in "team colors" .pit the logos backward or upside down Where your shirt pocket might go with "coincedence theorist" small under it..also a few with your name on it .under the logo or shirt sleeve somewhere

  4. Demar derozan also scored 33 today
    He is the first player in raptors history to score at least 30 in first 3 games.he is also from Compton ca where Ronnie hillman is from as well who wears 33
    A lot of "hill" lately for Hillary perhaps

    1. You probably caught that but they showed a clip of Brett farves lingers td run on Monday night football vs bears .36 yarders Packers won 33-6 lol Com Ed Y

    2. Jeremy Langford also came back from injury for the Bears who wears #33


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