Thursday, October 27, 2016

108 | Grounded for Life (TV show), April 18, 2001, predictive programming for Steve Bartman incident & Cubs World Series?

Be sure to watch the video clip above.

Some predictive programming for the Steve Bartman incident, connected to the Cubs' curse?  A tribute to the fan interference incident between the Yankees and Orioles?  This episode, it came out on April 18, the 108th day of the year.  Keep in mind this year, 2016, it has been 108-years since the Cubs won the World Series.  Next season, it will have been 108-seasons.  Again, there are 108 double stitches on a baseball, meaning 216 total, like the Cleveland area code, who the Cubs are facing.

Major League = 108 (108 years since Cubs World Series win)

Watch here:

This example pairs nicely with the recent ABC article on '108' and the Cubs:


  1. As PERFECT as the Steve Bartman incident was for the legend of the Cubs...I can't comprehend how it could have been a planned spot. We're moving from the realm of simply pre-determining a game's result into pinpoint foul ball placement, probably aided with the guide of a directed energy weapon or something. It just seems overboard to suggest it was staged.

    I think we can brush this off as just a nod to the Jeffrey Maier incident, with the twist that this time, it was the Yankees who got screwed. The fact that it aired on the 108th day of the year is interesting, but if it happened on the 112th, or 113th, we'd be able to make connections too.

    1. It's no coincidence an episode baseball related came out on the 108th day of the year. That's the least to be taken away from this example. The same network that scripts your TV shows, scripts your sports.

    2. Yeah, I can believe that they aired it on the 108th day as a tribute to baseball. I just don't think it had anything to do with the Bartman incident. But I don't believe you ever inferred the Bartman play was somehow staged anyway so it's moot. Keep the good work up.

  2. Zach Another 108 story 108 year old cubs fan Vivian Baron born 9 months before the Cubs last World Series check her out,amp.html?client=safari

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