Thursday, October 27, 2016

58 66 119 121 | Richter Scale and United States Geological Survey (USGS) (a revelation!)

To appreciate this post, you must understand that three years ago I began this work with the understanding that this nation had been crated by a gang of Freemasons, and run by a gang of Freemasons ever since, with the theme of Revelation, the book of prophecy and destruction in mind, as they make history, as they make news.

Now on the topic of earthquakes... check this out.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; United States = 58

Revelation = 121 (U.S. built on the prophecy code)

Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible.

If you sum 1 through 11, it totals 66.  11x11 = 121

USGS stands for Unite States Geological Survey.

All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119; King James Bibles = 119

I mean... do we have another coincidence theorist t-shirt or what?


  1. "No, is just anther elaborate coincidence. Everything is. Just bend over and lube up, buddy."

    -John Q. Public, 1776-2016 & Beyond

  2. Zach, I did a little bit of decoding on Sunday's Colts/Chiefs game, let me know what you think:

    A lot lines up regarding NYG in connection to 10/30/16
    It's 98 days until the Super Bowl (Eli Manning = 98)
    The Colts vs Chiefs all time record, including playoffs, is 16-8 (New York City = 168)
    Both Kansas City and Chiefs have gematria of 32, 41, and 50
    131 is 32nd prime, Super Bowl = 131 & 41, America = 50, Apple = 50 (Like the 'Big Apple')
    Alex Smith = 111, 39, 48 (New York)
    If Colts win, they'll be 4-4, and the Chiefs will be 4-3. 2/5/2017 has 44 numerology, Champion= 43 (New York will be champion over Indy?)
    Alex Smith's birthday is 5/7. 5/7/16-10/30/17 is a span of 25 weeks and 1 day. 97 is the 25th prime, 97th NFL Season.

    The game is in Lucas Oil Stadium.
    Lucas Oil Stadium = 71 (Connects to 44 through 144, also connects to ongoing World Series through Cubs and NBA season)

    Lucas Oil Stadium = 179 (41st prime, Super Bowl = 41)

    Andrew Luck's birthday 9/12-10/30 is 6 weeks 6 days (66), and from 10/30-9/12/17 is 317 days (317 is the 66th prime)

    NFL = 66
    Finally, 10/30/16 has numerology of 56
    Colts = 236, the 56th prime.

    I think this all points to a Colts win. Whatcha think?

    1. I have Giants over colts or patriots for Eli to complete his cycle 3-0 in SB

    2. I don't think 236 is a prime. All prime numbers but 2 are odd.

      So a Colt's/Chiefs game makes you think immediately New York and Beyonce?

      Let the numbers move you, not the music.

    3. I think he meant Colts= 263 which is the 56th prime. Not 236. I like colts in this one as well.

  3. Love it. This made me think of that whole Pangea theory.
    Pangea=114/264/44/26 Not the same numbers as above...but interesting nonetheless! (I did go with the english spelling, rather than the greek Pangaea)
    What strikes me as interesting about earthquakes and pangea both is this idea that our "mother earth" is a whole land and pangea is literally greek for Pan and Gaia, which means whole mother earth land. And the earthquake is the divider...that which tears apart the wholeness of the earth. Lots of symbolism there...

  4. I just had dream of trump getting hit by a car on a runway follow by gun shots .
    I had watched one of those videos of people saying they had a dream telling them that something bad will happen to Obama.
    On the news they were talking about trump supporters will start a revolution and take out Hillary if Trump doesn't win.

    1. I support this message/ I wanted trump dead since he was involved in the USFL.

  5. The supreme court judge Clarence Thomas was accused of being a sexual assaulter today in another bs story;

    Date the story came out was 10/27/2016=73/46*/19/53*

    (she says it happened in 1999, which was 17 years ago, 'Seventeen'=46 S-exception) (Moira Smith=170 Jewish Gematria)
    During a 'Truman Foundation Dinner' 108 R (Cubs connection encoded in) 270 O, (Alaska=270 English gematria)
    Truman=87 O, Justice=87 O

    The accuser is Moira Smith;
    Moira 56 O (Clarence Thomas=56 R) (Thomas is 'Sixty eight'=56 R)
    Smith 24 R 33 S-exception (Justice=33 S-exception)
    Moira Smith 53 R ('Associate Justice'=53 R) (Date numerology of 53)
    She is from Alaska=18 S-exception (story comes 18 weeks after Thomas's birthday)
    Also 'Sexual assault'= 31 R, but 58 with the S-exception (Freemasonry=58)

    Story comes 239 days before Thomas's next birthday (239 is the 52nd prime, 52=prophecy)
    Thomas is from 'Pin Point Georgia'=175 O (Sexual Assault 175 O)

    *Side Note* Thomas is born on 6/23 which is the 174th day of the year (Supreme court=174 O)

    The funny thing is Moira Smith also shares the name with a police officer supposedly killed on 9/11. So they're getting to the point where they're mocking people reusing ridiculous names.
    Police Officer=77 R
    'Supreme court judge'=77 R

    At the time of the alleged assault she was 23 years old, connecting to 9/11 again, NYPD=23 R, 23 NYPD officers died on 9/11, all bullshit, just shows this sexual assault story was likely made on 9/11 or before.

    Just another story meant to detract people from the real issues, but contrived nonetheless.

    1. Which makes him a repeat offender. He was accused of sexual harassment right around the time he was appointed in 91 by

      Anita hill =86

    2. Richter magnitudes=86 Megathrust earthquake = 86

  6. Big time shit going down. Mahleur, wildlife refuge guys up in Oregon who were preventing the government from a Uranium takeover, had some 'off the charts unbelievable' acquitals yesterday, as well as some teaser blasts in the courtroom.

    I'll just say it's a Trump revelation, not coincidentally sold on Hilldo. Hillary isn't one of them the way Mr. Scottish Rite is. She's more of a peg leg, argggh!

    I may dissect this today, but maybe I don't give a shit.

    1. Well that might have been easy. Just a simpletons proposal.

      'Off the charts unbelievable' = 239
      239 is th 52nd prime.
      52 can certainly back this up as Trump Prophecy.
      It could also be the date of the SB. 5 Feb 2017.
      When do Oregon and Oregon State play?

    2. Can't stop george, you think these two stories are related? Ammon Bundy and friends and Clarence Thomas.

      If Clarence Thomas is from Georgia... maybe Georgia upsets Florida on saturday in college football.

    3. When the showdown happened, the United States of America were in their 239th year as a republic..

    4. Thanks TG,
      It was in Washington Post quoted headline. Even my wife or husband doesn't say amazing.

    5. Oh fuck! In my head November 9th leaves 52 days left in the year. It is definitely election material.

      239 from the headline, 'Off the charts unbelievable' (who actually says that?)
      239 is 52nd prime
      52 days left in year is New President Elect's Day Nov. 9, 2016
      Based on the Bundy's, we either have a Serial Assassination (Ted) or a highly contested election standoff (Ammon)...

      Yes I found something more significant than all sports entertainment combined.

    6. Also including the date it leaves us with 7 weeks and 4 days, obvious 74 connection.
      Also leaves
      1 month 23 days. 123. What I have been saying about the Illuminati Card game, the Assassination card.
      The license plate said 235-666.
      I proposed 235 was actually the first second and third prime numbers. 2, 3, 5. 1st prime, 2nd prime, and 3rd prime.
      This could be the crack!

      Hopefully 'West Coast' aka. Zach K. Hubz will repost this.

    7. Orange(Trump) is the new Black(Obama) original air 7-11-13 to the election 7-11-16 is 3 years 3 months 27 days.

  7. Zach and all, I've been trying to find to method to follow when attributing credit for finds to add to the Encyclopedia of Gematria. Butler, I added your find on Pangea, and mentioned you in the article. Please give it a look and let me know what you think. Zach, I just remember you saying on an interview about the need for som eone to collect the finds and put them into a database of some kind. That's kinda what I've started here. I'm still experimenting so keep that in mind, too. Thanks!

  8. Here's a real kicker! The full name for Pangea matches up both ways with Illuminati.
    Pangea Ultima in English Ordinal = 120 (16+1+14+7+5+1 21+12+20+9+13+1)

    Pangea Ultima in English Reduction = 48 (7+1+5+7+5+1 3+3+2+9+4+1)

    Illuminati = 120/48

  9. Pangea

    Or Pagane Italian feminine plural of Pagano

    As in Colts Chuck Pagano


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