Sunday, October 30, 2016

23 46 | SNF goes to overtime, 23-23, as the Cubs win, making the World Series 2-3 (Cowboys and Indians)

23+23 = 46

Chicago = 46; Chicago Cubs = 46; Dallas, Texas = 46

This Sunday Night Football game was going to overtime, just as the Cubs were winning in Game 5 of the World Series, making the Series 2-3.

These were the stats after 4 quarters.  *On the TV they were reporting 216-passing yards for Dallas.

And here are the baseball stats.


  1. Current NFL Home Win/Loss ratio is 68-49

    If Vikings win it'll be 68-50 to end week 8 going into 9

    If Bears win it'll be 69 - 49 to end week 8 going into 9

    86 is the curse number for Cleveland. And Bears are a Chicago team. I like how each organization lines things up for each other. Of course one being a sacrifice for the other, sometimes winning and losing together too. Like, today, Browns for example, going 0-8 in week 8 (88) .. just 8 days after Hue Jacksons 51st bday (888? Donald J Trump?). Browns get their first win against Cowboys this next Sunday after the World series is over? Definitely maybe, future telling aint easy. Put that on a shirt. "Future Telling Aint Easy"

    Future Telling Aint Easy = 93, 102

  2. Can you do a prediction for the Monday Night football game? Thanks for your work. It's great.

  3. Cowboys and Indians=191

    191 just popped for me the other day, so I looked at my notes.

    Eighty Eight Years=191

    Now, flow upon the stream if gematria and let us see what was 88 years ago.


    Did anything big happen in the US in 1928 concerning Native Americans?

    Meriam Report=151, 906

    1. Full title:

      The Problem of Indian Administration =352, 2112(33)

    2. It was originally published 2-21-28, which ironically was 88 years, 8 months, and 8 days from the day that article came out about how not all of the Sioux were against the pipeline.

  4. Great work LOA!
    Sam Bradford is part native I have to look at Jay Cutlers numbers but I'm leaning towards a Bears shocking win. Vikes must face adversity.

    I will have my pick done before game time


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