Wednesday, October 26, 2016

49 108 | CNN's front page, October 26, 2016, a clue for World Series Game 2, CHI @ CLE?

Like I've been saying, the election and the World Series are tied.

Major League = 108; 108-year curse for the Cubs; Hillary from Chicago and Cubs fan

Revelation = 49; Washington = 49; Jacob Arrieta = 49 (Wears #49)

This news comes on Hillary's birthday, October 26, 2016.


  1. Arrieta is a very likely MVP if the Cubs win it. He has a lot of numbers going in his favor. Kluber had a great scripted start last night, but I can see Mr. 33 Kluber getting smacked around when he's not in his home ballpark in 33land.

  2. When Trump gave a speech in Florida he says,"Drain the swamp". I put the saying to the Gematria test and found so many negative quotes about satan, Obama,end of days, that it makes me wonder what is in the future for all of us.


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