Monday, October 31, 2016

44 | What's next, James Comey headlines, October 31, 2016

What's = 5+8+1+2+1/10 = 17/26
Next = 5+5+6+2 = 18
What's next = 35/44

Today marks 44-days from the FBI leaders birthday, December 14, 2016.

The last time I saw a headline like this, "What's next", it was a tribute to the death of Atonin Scalia on the 44th day of the year..


  1. BOMBSHELL: Schoen withdraws support from Clinton
    Long-term Democrat and FMR Clinton pollster Douglas Schoen made the statement LIVE On Fox News - see the REAL TRUTH "by the Numbers":

  2. Reminds me of Bill Goldberg's "Who's next??" and he is making his return to thw ring soon.


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