Wednesday, October 26, 2016

33 38 64 | Mediterranean migrant deaths reach record 3,800 in 2016 +3,300 rescued off Libyan Coast


Death = 38
Killing = 38

How many rescued?  Ha!

Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64; Synagogue of Satan = 64; Do what thou wilt = 64

*Jew = 38; *Jewish = 38

*Israel, created with a 33 member vote by the 33-part symbol United Nations on the 333rd day of the year, November 29, 1947.

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  1. Great post! As you've shown, we can LEARN to spot their propaganda at a glance -- simply by understanding what these repetitive numbers mean.

    Noting Israel's border with SW Syria, I wondered how they've handled this "crisis".

    Israel REFUSES to allow ANY Syrian refugees to enter whatsoever -- despite sharing a common border with them.

    That alone ought to clue folks in about who's stirring up this shit storm.

    From Israel's "perspective", the Golan Heights border with Syria is their Golden Gate -- the doorway leading into the land they expect to possess in the near future. Consummate history revisionists, their current leaders are determined to "recreate the Judaic Kingom of ancient times" -- by ACQUIRING Syria.

    ALL of the misery being perpetrated against the Syrian people is the result of a tiny nation of fanatics hell-bent on empire building. It is the EXACT same formula they used against the Palestinians -- clearing out the native inhabitants so they can move in.
    It's also the same tactics that were employed against the Native American population -- & used to steal their land.

    What Israel HAS done to "aid" the Syrians ... (who are desperately trying to escape being slaughtered -- because THEY KNOW what the Aggressors have planned for them) ... is to (supposedly) "assist" Greece -- a bankrupt nation struggling to deal with those swarming in via Turkey.
    And of course ... Israel wants high praise for that.

    Using history as a guide though, I have SERIOUS fears about the TRUE fate that befalls those Syrians they are "assisting".

    Israel touts itself as being the world's leader in genetic experimentation ... & well -- in the "chaos of a crisis" ... a lot of potential "guinea pigs" can easily be made to DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE -- kind of like those "DROWNING VICTIMS".

    (You'd think dead bodies would be littering shorelines all over the region -- disrupting transportation, fishing, etc. -- & creating health concerns over rotting corpses bobbing about everywhere ...)

    The specter of the Syrian Refugee's potential capture & abuse seems even greater now that the media are "softening" the terminology they use to describe these REFUGEES OF WAR.

    Suddenly they are "migrants" ... implying that they are simply nomadic souls, casting about for greener pastures.

    "Nothing to see here folks ... just move along & direct your attention elsewhere ... these people are not your concern ..."
    Sounds reminiscent of the "refugee crises" that sprung up prior to WW2.
    Only in hindsight do we now know what all of that was REALLY about ... as well as knowing who was TRULY responsible ...

    Bereft of other options, it might almost be more merciful if these people actually did drown -- but I suspect that most haven't been that "lucky".

    Once people are OFFICIALLY declared "dead" -- everyone stops looking for them.


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