Monday, October 31, 2016

42 46 142 | World Series Game 5 in review, October 30, 2016

As the Cubs were winning 2-3 last night, the Sunday Night Football game was going to OT, 23-23, in Dallas, Texas.  The Cowboys would win, and the Indians would lose.

23+23 = 46

Dallas, Texas = 46
Chicago Cubs = 46
Chicago = 46

Think about it, the Cubs won, Dallas won.  And again, Cowboys and Indians...

Bauer = 47; Bauer Wears #47, and he went out with 74 pitches.

Love it.

Both teams also had 142-pitches, and the game ended with the Cubs closer, #54, throwing his 42nd pitch, for a strikeout.

Forty-Two = 142
Freemason = 42

The run to give the Cubs the lead came on the 57th pitch.  World Series = 57



    Not sure you saw this on an earlier post about Cowboys and Indians, the Meriam Report is from 88 years ago, 1928.

    1. John Fox could get his 8th win with the Bears in Week 8.

    2. I wonder if they are gonna play the Cowboys and Indians theme in the Superbowl this year. Dallas Cowboys vs the INDIANapolis Colts from INDIANa

  2. Zach, can you please give us your thoughts on the movie Ferris Bueller's Day off. Dan Behrendt watched the movie last night and wrote about it in his blog this morning. There was a sign that made its way to the camera during the Game 5 post game show that made a reference to that movie.
    That movie has predictive programming that the Cubs will win and the curse will be OVER(in the last line of the movie!)

    1. I've never seen the movie. I know what it is though. I'll look.

  3. Tomlin closes it out 14 days after his 10/19 bday (119) and its been 14 yrs since 2 titles in one city. 1988, 2002 and now 2016. Cle 88th home game tomorrow. Cle will end it tomorrow

  4. Terry Franconia was 11-2 in the playoffs . The Cubs got their 112th win. The narrative will go on with 113 and 114 and the Cubs will win the World title.


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