Sunday, October 30, 2016

40 231 | This morning's headlines, October 30, 2016, 'Full email access sought', October 30, 2016

Today's date also factors in, October 30.

10/30 = 10+30 = 40


  1. New Poll: 34 percent 'less likely' to vote for Clinton

  2. Admittedly, I have a bizarre mind, but for some reason, when I read Full Access Sought, all I could think was

    Rape the Server--160, 960

    I think her account is gunna get violated.

  3. If you sound it out.

    (full email access sought) Female assault

  4. Heh heh -- you guys crack me up!

    Now that you've pointed it out ... I see it. Lol

    Wonder if the A.I. that writes this bullshit was marketed as "The Riddler"?
    I can see the sales pitch:

    "Laugh all the way to the bank with our hilarious new software, 'The Riddler'!
    Raucous puns & clever in-jokes abound in our latest creation ... specially designed to provide barrels of laughs for the discerning class -- while feeding the Public the same Quality Disinformation you've come to know & trust."
    [Disclaimer: Members of the Public exposed to Gematria may also become tickled.]

    Bread & Circuses ... = Sex & Computers ... = Idiocracy ... :D


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