Saturday, October 29, 2016

44 52 133 | Texas man, Rick Eliis, leaves suicide note blaming Stan Kroenke, Los Angeles Rams owner

Something tells me this article has to do with how the Rams ended up in Los Angeles.

The blamed.

Stan Kroenke = 43/52/61/70/133 (Los Angeles Rams = 52)

The dead.

Kill = 44

W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch = 94/103


  1. Reminds me of when then-TX Gov George Bush Jr. used Eminent Domain to force people off their land in order to make way for Arlington Stadium. At the time, Bush also happened to be part-owner of the Texas Rangers -- the baseball team it was being built for.

    One family -- who'd owned & operated a horse farm at the location for generations --fought to the end ... but still they were forced off their land.
    As per the "traditional business plan" -- the taxpayers were (of course) forced to shoulder the debt of building & maintaining this boondoggle.

    As I understand it, the Rangers aren't even there anymore. (Is this true?)

    Destroy. Build. Destroy. We live in Lego World.

    Eminent Domain cases get more press, but those numbers pale in comparison to the number of "private" evictions such as that described above. Whether this story is true or not is irrelevant -- the fact is that this IS going on everyday ... all around us.

    The nobility add to their fiefdoms, & the unlucky peasants who get in their way get mowed down like unwanted trees.

  2. People are mostly unaware of it, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Unimaginably huge swaths of land are being consolidated into the hands of the few.
    It's no different than the mega-corporations that swallow up the competition -- these actions are ALL rooted in the same "philosophy".

    It's not so much about "more for an individual" ... as it is a concerted plan to create "LESS for the masses". Outlying "stragglers" are consistently being "driven" to join the "rest of the herd" -- bunched together into the filthy feedlots we call "cities".

    The methodology is EXACTLY the same as that used to Round Up Cattle.
    Flush the smaller groups & individuals out of outlying areas -- & push them into joining a larger group.
    But do it SLOWLY -- so they don't panic & scatter again.

    Herd them into clustering along "roadways" -- which are actually chutes that have been concealed behind stacks of brush. This helps the process feel more "natural" for them.
    Gradually the "road" narrows -- & they're packed so tightly together that none can turn back. The momentum of those following, keeps the group moving forward in the "desired direction".
    Suddenly -- they round a blind corner, only to discover a huge corral filled with other cattle -- packed together like sardines.

    These "early arrivals" have been kept silent -- & prevented from warning those still uncaptured -- by "Kind & Generous" offerings of "Provisions" -- supplies of hay, feed & water that ensure they're distracted from the Truth of their captivity.

    They think they're "settled" -- unaware of the semi-trucks nearby, poised to transport them to their next destination. Soon they'll leave for the "ghettos of Cow Land" -- the feedlots -- where they'll be crammed even more tightly together, & have to bed down in their own waste. (See the nursing home analogy?)

    When they finally make their last journey -- to the slaughter house -- they're too ill & weak to struggle. Their bodies have been pumped full of chemicals, & the inability to move around has left their muscles "soft" (but more palatable ...).
    At this point, death is a welcome respite ... & those who engineer their slaughter are adamant that the "beasts" are happy -- proud even -- to at last fulfill the destiny that "God" planned for them.

    Whether the masses are deemed cattle, sheep ... or even "wild horses" -- the time-worn analogies are clear ... & they've been "broadcast" to us for a long, long time.

    All hail the crafty, feral BURRO -- who STUBBORNLY evades such maneuvering -- & survives without handouts ... for it is they who will ENJOY their freedom -- no matter how hard they have to work at keeping it. ;D

    1. All that awesomeness aside, I always thought it was funny that everytime you ate a burrito, you were eating a little donkey.

      Good post.

    2. Thanks -- that is funny about burritos! I guess Churros are crunchy little burros? Lol

    3. Funny story: my son married a girl from central Mexico, & early in their marriage, she was standing between him & the TV ... talking ... (Lol).

      Finally he summoned up all the Spanish he knew:

      "Los carnes de la burro no es transparente."

      The meat of the burro is not transparent.

      Hilarioso, si? Lol


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