Friday, October 28, 2016

52 | Jay-Z trying to buy Prince's unreleased music, October 26, 2016 news (More "prophecy")

10/26/16 = 10+26+16 = 52 (Prophecy = 52)

Notice this is in connection to Prince's home opening as a museum October 6, 2016.

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52 (Prophecy = 52/106)

Notice the name of Prince's sister, Tyka.

Tyka = 20+25+11+1 = 57 (Prince died at 57)


  1. Also the City of Chanhassen made today the official Paisley Park Day cause I assume today's date equals 74.

  2. Hey Zach, Notice how Jay Z can also be JZ. JZ = 36. Look at his shirt. Real Eyes and Real Lies = 36. His real name Shawn Carter = 49, a big number in the media this year. - Tommy Cat

  3. Oh yeah, 112 is coded here as well. Real eyes realize real lies = 112. - Tommy Cat

  4. Is it just me or do these guys look like wax mannequins? That odd purplish lighting maybe.

  5. Real lies and Maurice Phillips both equal 81 as well. Jay Z is definitely an agent. a fraud. all he represents is real lies.

  6. It also looks like JZ is pointing - to the other guys jacket pocket with the purple hankerchief in it....maybe nothing but there seems to be a lot in that photo.


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