Wednesday, October 26, 2016

50 93 129 229 | Warriors lost at home to Spurs to start new NBA season, October 25, 2016

That 1:21 time stamp...

Warriors = 121
Revelation = 121

Recall, the Warriors are originally from Philadelphia, the city named from Revelation.  I notice the Philadelphia 76ers are opening their season against the Thunder, Durant's old team tonight.  That's not a coincidence in the scheduling.

Back to this game.  Notice the final score, 129-100, for a sum of 229 points.

America = 129 (Jewish Gematria)
100+129 = 229 (229, is the 50th prime number)

America = 50
Golden State = 41/50
San Antonio = 41/50

***America = 76 (Francis Bacon Gematria) (76ers vs Thunder tonight)

Notice the halftime score, San Antonio 64, Golden State 46.

110 total points were scored in the first half, 119 in the second half.

And one more time....

Spurs = 93
Oracle Arena = 93

The Spurs put it to the Warriors in their own building.  I suspect the narrative for the Warriors is they will need time to gel, and will improve as they become used to their new lineup, featuring Kevin Durant.  Don't rule out the Warriors in the West, but if they are to be eclipsed, it will be the Spurs, Thunder or possibly a squad like the Blazers or Clippers (Blazers, Clippers and Cavs joined the NBA the same year), doing the eclipsing.


  1. What about the clippers? They have a chance of coming out of the west? They don't have a real fanbase or good looking jerseys.

    1. Yes, I meant to write them. They joined the NBA the same season as the Cavs and Blazers.

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    2. This person is a troll, and is always very arrogant about his very wrong information. I will continue to delete his posts. He is not welcome.

  3. Good stuff here - i wanted to know, do you do predictions with Gemetria before game (NBA). if not do you know anyone else that does? Thanks.


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