Sunday, October 30, 2016

33 34 41 54 56 179 | Dustin Hopkins, Redskins kicker, missing winning FG, resulting in tie at Wembley, Redskins 27- Bengals 27

Tie Game = 33/60

So, we have a sum of 54-points, and the second week in a row with a tie game, that is no doubt a tribute to the Cleveland Indians.  On one hand, we have the Washington Redskins.  On the other, we have a team from Ohio, like the Cleveland Indians.

What a joke!

I love the 56 pass attempts too!

10/30/16 = 10+30+16 = 56

The kicker's name has a connection to Game 5 of the World Series, later today.

This game was also played in Wembley Stadium.
Wembley Stadium = 55/64; Chicago Cubs = 46/55

And regarding '33', notice Dustin was born in October, the World Series month.

October = 33; Dustin = 33


  1. Now, does this mean Cleveland takes it tonight or that we have hit the median of the Cleveland swing and the Cubbies make a comeback?

    1. Hard to say, but with both Ohio teams not winning could be a sacrifice for Indians closing it out. Although The odds for Indians closing it out tonight don't look very good.

    2. Buckeyes won, Browns always lose
      Bengals tied , Cavs won

  2. Tie=34 also (Indians=34 R)

    The sum of points in the tie games = 66 (NFL=66 Jewish gematria)

    I wonder if the raiders were maybe meant to tie also, the option was there (Tie=114 Jewish gematria) (had they tied at 24, 24+24+27+27+6+6=114)

  3. I think the election might come down to a 269-269 tie

  4. I notice that the last time there were back to back weeks in the NFL with tie games, was 1997...Also the last time the Indians were in the world series.


    Nov. 16, 1997
    Ravens/Eagles tied...(2 Birds) the following week it was the Redskins/Giants who tied

    This week the Redskins tie and the previous week the tie was between "2 Birds" Seahawks/Cardinals

  5. How do people not see how this is done?

    If Hopkins made the kick, we would've seen this:
    Headline: Dustin Hopkins connects for game winning field goal in overtime

    Game Winning = 62
    Dustin Hopkins = 62
    Mason = 62

    Connects = 93
    Saturn = 93

    It would have been his 44th career field goal
    Field goal = 44
    Overtime = 44

    The final score would've been 30 - 27
    World Series = 57

    The Redskins would have had 30 points
    Kicker = 30
    It's the 30th day since Dustin Hopkin's birthday.

    You can easily find "connections" with any outcome. I can't believe people believe this.

  6. It's either Indians in 6 or Cubs in 7.

  7. Now I get the feeling Dustin Hoffman is gunna die. I hate similar names.


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