Tuesday, October 25, 2016

86 93 103 107 | Rookie of the Year (movie), 1993, about a teenager Chicago Cubs pitcher, who throws 103 mph

Rookie of the Year = 86 (The curse in Boston lasted 86-years)

Notice the premise of the 1993 film, is the rookie can throw '103' mph.

Billygoat = 103; Cubs won 103 game this year, 2016

Also, the Cubs clinched their playoff birth with their 93rd win this season, the first team to clinch in all of Major League Baseball.

And again, let us not forget the significance of '54', the other year mentioned.

Baseball = 54; Baseball Bat = 77 (July 7 release date)

7/7/93 = 7+7+93 = 107

It has been 108-years since the Cubs won the World Series, 107-seasons.

As for the character name...

United States of America = 84/102/228 (America = 32/50)

Remember, the Cubs won, 8-4, 10-2, 8-4, 5-0 in the NLCS.

They close out the NLCS on October 22, 2016, advancing to the World Series.

10/22/2016 = 10+22+20+16 = 68 (Barack Obama = 68)



  1. Idk how much weight this holds, but earlier this month twitter banned a well known right winger who uses the pseudonym 'Ricky Vaughn'.
    'Twitter'=34 R 'Indians'=34 R
    It Happened on 10/5/2016 = 10+5+20+16=51, today also has 51 numerology, 10+25+16=51 (conspiracy=51)

    The game is also 3-0 atm, 'Ricky'=30 R

    May be a 'coincidence' lol, but just want to make note of it.

  2. Hmmmm thinking of Aroldis Chapman is a guy that can throw 103 but isn't a rookie

  3. They kept showing 103 mph during the NLCS when he would pitch.

  4. Also Kris Bryant won rookie of the year 2015.

  5. Also Kris Bryant won rookie of the year 2015.

  6. WW3 also has ties to this world series;

    WW3 = 46 (Chicago, chicago cubs)

    World War three = 71 R like the span the cubs have last been in the world series.

    Hillary likely will pull some shit once she gets in, hopefully the masses don't fall for the Russian boogeyman this time.


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