Tuesday, October 25, 2016

113 | Blazers defeat Jazz 104-113 in season opener, October 25, 2016


In my video this morning, I mentioned how the Jazz are the only '113' team.


  1. Dan posted something about "217" regarding the back to the future and the cubs.

    Total core was 217

  2. Ok...I'm living in the twilight zone. All of the 113 encoding right now is blatant! What does it mean when they encode the same number several days in a row, and tomorrow already has 113 encoded in it? And the score at the end of the 1st quarter for each team was 26...tomorrow is the 26th. Yesterday NASA came out with the story that the hexagon storm on Saturn changed colors from blue to gold (which is interesting for a whole host of reasons) but just to stick with the 113 encoding, "Blue to Gold"=113. I commented on an old post about CERN that you put up 2 years ago today. I just happened to be lead to that post TODAY researching CERN and was blown away when it just happened that you had posted about CERN on this date, 10-25, two years ago. But all of this research into CERN today has been lead by something bigger than me...I'm serious. And so I just wondered...if CERN is going to do anything, they are trying to open up a portal. They say that if they are able to open up a portal it will only be open for 10-26 seconds. Again tomorrow is 10-26. Tomorrow's date written out is "ten twenty six twenty sixteen" and that equals 113 in reduction. I looked up Portal just now...it equals 311. Oh and 113 also =Apocalypse. WTF.

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    1. Stop posting here. I don't give a fuck about your off the wall Gematria methods you seemingly pulled out of your ass.


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