Sunday, October 30, 2016

29 39 52 | Cowboys win SNF in OT, 29-23, on Dak Prescott's 39th pass

Cowboys win in OT with '29'.

Notice the score is a sum of '52' points.  Prophecy = 52

Philadelphia, the city named from Revelation, the book of prophecy.

Of course, Revelation, is based on the 39 Books of the Old Testament...

Dak's 39th pass was the winning TD pass, go figure.

SNF = 39
Cowboys = 39
Eagles on the 39th Parallel
Carson Wentz, drafted out of North Dakota, the 39th State
The Philadelphia Eagles played the Patriots in Super Bowl 39

97th season of the NFL

Dak comes back with '113' yards.  Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113


  1. They're also saying Jason Witten who caught the winning TD hasn't caught a TD against the Eagles in the last 10 games until today.

    Witten wears #82 (8+2=10)

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  3. Why is the cowboys getting this big push I no there not sb bound

  4. The Cowboys have built their team for the Super Bowl , do you think they were going to be terrible for ever?
    The big clue is that the Giants beating them that first game will be huge for their next match up.

    Dallas vs Patriots would be huge SB
    Colts vs Giants = this threads pick
    Raiders vs Vikings = rematch from SB 5
    Broncos vs ATL= rematch of the prostitution
    SB/ Ray Lewis murder
    Giants vs Patriots= trilogy

    Way in the back burner is a Dallas vs Pitt
    Historical teams

    1. Dallas vs Pittsburgh is the "Black Sunday" Super Bowl

    2. Black Sunday =113

      We saw that number a lot last season and it's popping up recently.

      I noticed that Ezekiel is getting negative Press
      Have to study why he wears Deion's 21.

    3. Here's a kicker Zack, Deion joined Dallas 21 years ago sept 10 1995 signing bonus 12 mill
      5yr @ 30 mill. Ezekiel was born July 22 1995 lmao

      Cowboys going to super bowl????
      Or coincidence

    4. Here's more

      30 mill and Cowboys won SB30! Vs Steelers in 95


      Deion round 1 pick 5
      Elliot round 1 pick 4
      President #45?
      ROY= Kordell Stewart
      ROY= DAK Prescott same back up QB?
      95 season Kordell took over for a few games just like DAK

      AFC championship game Pitt def Colts 20-16!

      harbaugh was the Colts QB!!!! Lmao can't make this shit up
      Michigan going against Ohio St in a big 10 match up soon can determine playoff spot.

    5. 1995 Heisman winner Eddie George Ohio St lol

      Steelers have 6 rings Cowboys going for #6
      Tie game was 6-6 earth quake 6.6

      SB1995 and NCAA championship Arizona!
      Steelers last SB victory vs Arizona!

      1995 MLB champs Braves who beat Indians Greg maddux was at the Cubs game 4 which they lost!

    6. 1995 Ohio St was ranked #2 going into big game vs Michigan

      2016 roll reversal Michigan #2 going into the game

    7. 1995 Houston Rockets champion same as the super bowl city this year
      Harden is considered an MVP candidate this year.

      1995 was the OJ bronco crap

    8. 1995 Brett FAVRE # 4 MVP
      DAK wears #4

      Bill Clinton was president

    9. If you look at the 1995 playoff brackets and apply to today you may be in for a big surprise!

      BTW Giants , Patriots, Vikings did not make playoffs 95
      But Colts were 5th seed as a wildcard!

      Also the 49ers won the west I wonder if Seattle is tanking and somehow 49ers win division with the divisor Collin

      Another note : Dolphins and ATL were 6th seeds
      I wonder if dolphins get better and ATL slides

      GB won the central division and lions were a wild card.

    10. Maybe just a coincidence? ;)

    11. Colts beat the Cowboys in the 51st NFL season championship. I just happened to look since we're in the season of SB 51.

    12. If you look at the super bowl logo it has a star on it just like it has a horseshoe on it as well. I remember Skip Bayless at the beginning of the season he said the cowboys will be going to the super bowl.

    13. Colts vs Cowboys CC=33
      Both emblems are present in the super bowl logo, a horseshoe and a star......

    14. Yeah get this...the 51st NFL season was the year 1970. I see a '97' there. It is the 97th NFL season this year and the 51st Superbowl. Colts vs Cowboys is something we really should look into further. The Indians last made the World Series in the year '97 as well, and look, they're in it now. Another thing, the Superbowl in 1970 was played in Miami. In '97, the Indians played the Miami Marlins. Jose Fernandez, who died recently in the "boating accident", played for the Miami Marlins.

  5. There's a commercial I hear a lot its some guys playing football the qb says red 97 red 97. Carson Wentz who I know a lot about and everyone in this state.I live the city he grew up in, Bismarck 39th state capital,in the 47th populous state. he attended the Century high school Patriots, his family owns a bank, Blackridge bank. I work for a Wentz and have been doing ground work here since the Missouri River flooded years ago, on purpose I believe. Anyways the Patriots rival team is also in Bismarck, they are called the Bismarck Demons. Demon=51 Demons=25. Located between 9th and 7th, major streets, also C street and E street. Lodge5 is our freemason lodge. North Dakota =127,46 and North Dakota became the 39th state 127 years ago on 11/2/1889. I see articles connecting Wentz to Doug Burgum, Republican front runner. Ex Microsoft executive, bet the family farm on his great Plains software which he sold to microsoft. With all the oil pipeline stuff going on here, the large amount of military movement,cops rolling in by the dozens. Can't help but think something big is right around the corner and this place will be on lockdown, a lot of North Dakotans are self sufficient. We are getting absolutely destroyed by Chemtrails right now. The way I see is ND is far away from the coasts, and populations. They are bringing the Indians from around the USA here for a reason.

  6. 1995 colts 9-7
    Won first two playoff games vs chargers and Chiefs then lost to steelers.

    @Zack look into Derrick Thomas and Jovan Belchers both LB died for the Chiefs

    2000 and 2012 Thomas was 33 lol wore#58
    Belcher was 25 and wore #59
    Andy Reid Son also committed suicide
    In an NFL facility like Belcher hmm

  7. Steelers vs Patriots score =43

    Steelers are 4-3 lol

    1. So u think steelers vs cowboys for the superbowl?

  8. Possibility just strange connections
    As you can see

  9. for comments, lol Dallas is not making the SB. The Star is just for Houston and Texas.


  10. ((Another note : Dolphins and ATL were 6th seeds
    I wonder if dolphins get better and ATL slides ))

    Atlanta wont slide,they are opening a new stadium next year.
    the fact they beat the Packers and the Panthers suck pretty much is a go for them.


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