Thursday, October 27, 2016

43 | TNF, October 27, 2016, 43rd matchup in regular season between Jaguars & Titans (Discussion Thread)

Week Eight begins with an all AFC South match.

10/27/2016 = 10+27+20+16 = 73
10/27/2016 = 10+27+(2+0+1+6) = 46 (Houston, Texas) (Original home of Titans)
10/27/2016 = 1+0+2+7+2+0+1+6 = 19
10/27/16 = 10+27+16 = 53 (Marcus Mariota)

Jacksonville = 43/52/61/79/133
Jaguars = 23/32/77
Jacksonville Jaguars = 66/75/84/102/210

Tennessee = 34/52/106
Titans = 20/29/83
Tennessee Titans = 54/81/189 (Jaguars would earn their 189th loss if Titans win tonight)

These teams are both members of the AFC South.  AFC South = 30/39/93

Tonight's game will be the 43rd regular season game between both teams.  Jacksonville = 43

The Titans lead the series 23-19-1 in the regular season, and 24-19-1 if you count their playoff matchup as well.

Notice the Jaguars all-time record.

If they lose tonight, the Tennessee Titans will give them their 189th loss.  Tennessee Titans = 189

To compare, here are the franchise stats of the Tennessee Titans / Houston Oilers.

Let us compare the QBs of the two teams:

This game comes 363-days after Mariota's 22nd birthday, and 3-days before his 23rd.

10/30/1993 = 10+30+19+93 = 152 (Pennsylvania = 152)

This game comes 182-days after Blake Bortles birthday, and 183-days before his upcoming birthday.

And their respective records:

Mariota is playing for his 7th win, or his 14th loss.

Bortles is playing for his 11th win, or 26th loss.

...unless they're planning a tie again...

The head coach of the Jaguars is coming into his 55th game, with a record of 14-40.  He will likely finish with his 41st first loss.

This game comes 114-days after his birthday.  Gus Bradley = 114

The opposing coach, and former coach of the Jaguars, Mike Mularkey, has the following record:

Notice he comes into the game 5-11 with the Titans.  Saturn = 93/511

This game comes 23-days before his 55th birthday.

If this game is a tribute to Super Bowl 51, hosted by the AFC South team the Houston Texans, it would make sense that Titans were 4-4 by game's end and Jaguars 2-5.  Again, the Super Bowl is on February 5, 2017, or 2/5.   2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44 (4-4, 2-5...)

Also, the Titans were originally the Houston Oilers.

This game comes 101-days before the Super Bowl, or a span of 102-days.


  1. Guess we already know who wins lol.

  2. Replies
    1. Titians lmfaoo, jags are getting steam rolled its a absolute joke.

    2. I cant belive he asked who going to win lol.

  3. Their coach is gonna get fired after tonight as well.

  4. Titans missed PAT for the 33 points. So many 33 tributes this season.

  5. Why were you so sure the Titans were going to win? No one in this blog said they were going to win.

    1. The Jaguars are known for being awful, so this wasn't a hard choice for those who bet thinking the NFL is legit. The logical thinker goes, "horrible team, on the road.... I'll bet the home team."

  6. Why were you so sure the Titans were going to win? No one in this blog said they were going to win.

    1. 99% of truthseekers do not post until they are fully confident of being right, some troll. Many follow Zach's lead unabashedly. I however am OK with making spelling errors, numerical mistakes and outlandish comments, no one on here can dick slap me, I actually might be illuminated, or might not. I'm the only one calling GB in the super bowl and was the first to say new england as the A.F.C. representation. I have no problem if it's Colts Giants, I just do not agree with the INTERPRETATION of those numbers, THAT'S WHERE THE BIAS COME IN. We all have some sort of bias or narrative of our own.

      But I can't wait to find out the election and super bowl, because there is soo much to study from, Actually what went down and what numbers were important.

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