Monday, October 31, 2016

The front page of DailyMail, October 31, 2016

As you go down the page, notice the "news".

Top story, Pro Hillary, anti-Trump
Next story, anti-Hillary
Next story, anti-Hillary
Next story, being out of shape is better than being in shape

In other words, it is the same as every other day, nothing but mindfuckery, back and forth nonsense, and bullshit information that is truly harmful to you.  What's funny, is this is what the people trust and 'believe' in.

Explosive = 46/55/73/127


  1. I've yet to meet a woman who prefers "moobs"... Well an attractive woman anyway. This is just more propaganda that makes today's man think he can just sit at home, eat like a fucking slob, and watch rigged sports.

  2. What women really want is 98


    Maybe a walk at

    1. And to be told they're right every single time.

    2. "And to be told they're right every single time."

      Hahaha... I guess that's why most of the girls I date end up being short term!

    3. Hilarious! And don't forget this (or you'll live to regret it):

      You HAVE to know the scripted conversation going on in their head -- at ALL times. Deviate from that script by one iota -- & you'll hear about how "You NEVER listen!".

      Ask "What?" ... & you're stuck in "Pulp Fiction" -- with Samuel Jackson daring you to -- "Say WHAT again!"
      From there ... everything fades to black ...

      Comedian Ron White's play on the diamond ads is priceless:

      "Diamonds ... That'll shut her up." Lol

      DIAMOND -- (short form, Pythagorean/Simple) ... 33 !!

    4. So when Hilary is in charge do we just call women liars ? Lol

      Give them money and they will over look just about anything ask Hilary and trumps bitch

      The foundation was Bill's way of keeping Hillary happy but the bitch wanted her own office at the White House

  3. Of course that study on pig men being more attractive is coming out of Yale... I wonder if some bonesmen conducted that bogus study? How can people not see through this shit?

  4. At least before the Internet, we only had to deal with AMERICAN propaganda.

    And what's up with that "Yale study" bullshit?
    Could it be more obvious that Healthy Males have been deemed a "threat" by those pushing for a female-dominate society? The Femi-Nazis strike again!

    Ultimately though, the Social Engineers won't be happy until ALL the "peons" are like those off-world people in the movie "Wall-E" -- inertly fat & oblivious to everything beyond the screen in front of them. Only we won't be zipping around in flying chairs -- we'll be stuck in tiny little cells that we THINK are "apartments".

    Efficiently controlled -- each in our own "Little Boxes".

    1. Pave the world, everybody gets a number, that's your lot in life.

  5. Did anyone catch the Dildo thrown at the Pats vs Bills game.. The media asked Gronk about it

    Tight end =87 gronks number


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