Wednesday, October 26, 2016

45 52 55 64 66 216 369 | Italy Earthquake, October 26, 2016, seemingly, another Tribute to Nikola Tesla

This news comes October 26, 2016, the date of Hillary Clinton's 69th birthday.

The last Italy earthquakes were August 24, 2016, 63-days earlier.

When you count 1 through 63, it totals 2016. (2016 >>> 216)

63 = 6+3 = 9

Recall the August 24, 2016 earthquake was a tribute to Nikola Tesla.  Read about that here:

The date of this incident is interesting, being the day that leaves 66-days left in the year.

Again, Revelation, the book of prophecy and the destruction of the earth, is the 66th book of most Bibles.

Today's date has 'prophecy' connections as well.

10/26/16 = 10+26+16 = 52 (Revelation, book of destruction and prophecy)

Today was also ripe for 'earthquakes'.

10/26/2016 = 10+26+(2+0+1+6) = 45

The Gutenberg Bibles were the first printed Bibles, 66-Books in length.

Notice the reporting below.  Why 58-km?  We know why.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

Also notice the magnitude of the first quake, a 5.5

The numbers.


  1. I thought Tesla was one of the good guys?

  2. Holy shit...I was expecting an earthquake today. Hadn't seen it yet though! I honestly believe CERN opened a gate or portal today. And that is probably related to this earthquake. I just had my eyes on san Diego. But still! I can't get to all of my work to bring it all together right now but I'll post back some stuff that supports this ASAP!

    1. Butler -- Looking forward to seeing what you've found. There's a radar site I watch -- & it also indicates they they're monkeying around "out there".

      For what it's worth, yesterday I noticed that the time on my phone was suddenly "off kilter". Time should've read 4:20 pm on Tues, but instead said 3:20 pm MON -- somehow it went back in time by 25 hrs. Earlier it had been fine.

      When I finally took it off the network update & reset it manually, it had "caught up" to being only 1 hour behind. That was 8 hours later, at 2:20 am Wed, & it read 1:20 am Wed. It's a really basic cell phone ... & my iPad wasn't affected.

      Strange, eh? Btw -- it had been sitting in the same location leading up to the initial time difference -- it wasn't in my pocket & couldn't have gotten screwed up accidentally.

      See if that fits in with your research ... I'll be waiting to see what you've got. :D

    2. Here is the bizarre pattern that was revealed to me for whatever reason.
      Two days ago, on 10-24 NASA released a photo that Saturn’s hexagonal storm created by a six-sided “Jet Stream” had changed colors from Blue to Gold. The Cassini space probe provided the image. Now as we know Saturn is worshipped by the occult and actually all religions, unbeknownst to many. The symbolism of Saturn’s hexagonal storm is manifested in the Star of David. Not only does that star represent the hexagon, but also the cube and I’ve also noticed that when you look at the adjacent triangles surrounding the hexagonal shape in the center, they mimic little hourglasses all the way around. Saturn is “Father Time” so this is appropriate. Now, why did this make me think of CERN? Well, CERN is trying to bend time and open up portals to other dimensions. They probably already have opened the gate in fact, and today I believe they opened it again. But what does this have to do with an earthquake, and why today? Well, here are the numbers.
      10-26-2016= (10+26+20+16)=72 when factored out is 2*2*2*3*3=72 222 & 33 are significant.
      Today also leaves 66 days left in the year because it’s a leap year.
      Now look at this cycle: thirty-three=66 sixty-six=41 Those numbers will be important.
      Today’s date written out is also important: ten twent- six twenty sixteen=113
      The Japan earthquake was on 3/11, 311 and 113 are important numbers and dates.
      I also noticed that that color change of Saturn’s hexagon had the mirror of 113 encoded. “Blue to Gold”=41/113. And “Blue”=240. So this news was part of the clue. And anything with Saturn is significant!
      Now back to CERN. CERN=22, but also 240. Earthquake=480 (240+240)
      CERN is trying to open a portal or a gate with their Large Hadron Collider or LHC. The LHC is a particle accelerator and is currently operating at a speed of 2220 particles per each of it’s counter-rotating beams. Currently they report that they are running 96 proton bunches per injection, but will normally run at 288. (Today Zach posted an article with both 96 and 222 encoded as well!) The interesting thing about 288 is that in Revelation 16:18, the talk of the great earthquake is mentioned. And not only is 1.618 the golden ration, or Phi, but 16*18=288. Interesting passage in the bible!
      There was also news about a solar storm today which plays into this numerology as space news as well…it’s all tied together.
      Solar Storm=771 and the only 2 factors of 771 are 2 and 257. 257 is the 55th prime.
      Coronal Hole=55 and this news said that this solar storm could possibly “Cripple” power grids across the globe. The first earthquake today was 5.5 magnitude.
      Cripple=43 and if you look back at Revelation 16:18, 16+18=34, the mirror of 43.
      Speaking of Revelation, Zach pointed out that Revelation is the 66th book of the bible.
      And lets not forget about 41 (sixty six). Well, CERN thinks they have the “Key” to opening the gate or portal.
      Key=246/41/14 (Earthquake=642) The two added together is 888.
      LHC=41/14 and is 27KM in length. (Today’s numerology is also 72)
      Going back to the word “Jet Stream”=666. And the probe that allegedly is snapping pictures of Saturn is called the “Cassini”=444 (Do you see the 222, 444, 666, 888 pattern!)
      I knew there would be a major earthquake today…or it would be the apocalypse. And sure enough we actually had 2 large earthquakes in Italy today…a 5.5 magnitude earthquake and a 6.1 as well, 2 hours later. (Notice the 216 there) So far 120 people have died. (120 dead, CERN 240, Earthquake 480) When CERN opened the Gate(15) to hell(222). Maybe it was the apocalypse (113) today after all. But you won’t see that on the news.

    3. That Mfsyy-Your observation is absolutely fascinating! The doubling that you noted mimics what I noticed in the 222,444,666.888 pattern and the CERN 240/Earthquake 480 pattern as well. This story was like watching a time lapse in slow motion over the past 2 days and it was almost as if I was seeing that it had occurred before it actually did. Numerically. Strangest thing ever...don't know why or how..but putting your experience together with mine, makes me all the more certain something happened. I really wonder if we will see new Mandela Effects after today. I go back and forth on that whole mystery...but there has to be something to it. Perhaps this will be a big clue if we notice anything change now that we are paying full attention.

    4. Fascinating -- really, really good work!

      Seems like lately "216" has been EVERYWHERE -- so you might find this interesting ...

      When read Hebraically -- from Right to Left ... <<< ... as in Hebrew ...

      "Two Sixteen" -- 2 16 ... becomes "Six Twelve" -- 6 12 ... 6 x 12 = 72
      72 is the numerology of the date: 10 + 26 + 20 + 16 ... 10/26/2016

      72 x 3 ... (i.e. 72 + 72 + 72) ... = 216
      In Judaism, something has to occur "3 times" before it is truly considered to be manifested -- & exist -- in the "real world".

      "2 1 6" can also be viewed as "Showing Pillars" of 2 & 6 (26) -- that are:
      "Guarding a Center" of 1 ...
      The date of 10 / 26 / 2016 -- shows the "2 1 6" ... Twice ... or "Squared"
      ("zeros are often silent") --

      Yes the sequence is "scrambled" ... but isn't that what "solar storms" -- & possibly CERN -- do ... scramble communications & "distort reality"?

      Nothing about it would appear "scrambled" to those who are simply looking for specific numbers.
      Judaic kabbalists insist that the sequence of the numbers matters not -- that each number shown carries it's own weight (which is why their "brand" of Gematria is so hard to decipher ... & actually does take years of study to comprehend).

      In Judaism, the significance of "216" ... "72" ... & ... "3" ... is as follows:

      There are "216" letters in the "True Name Of God".

      This name is derived from "3" verses in Exodus (verses 19, 20 & 21) ...

      Each verse is "72" letters long.

      "72" separate "3-letter Names for God" ... can be found by viewing these verses with a formula that reads up to down & right to left ... (& it's a formula that's way over my head, lol).

      These "True" (& hidden) names for God are called "Schemhamphoras" -- or, "The DIVIDED Name" -- because ...

      One form is contained within "3 verses of 72 letters" ...
      & the other consists of "72 names comprised of 3 letters each".

      One of those Exodus verses describes Moses DIVIDING the **RED Sea**

      (** which brings to mind recent coverage of the "RED River in Russia" **).

      "RED" -- in Pythagorean/Simple Gematria -- sums to "27"

      "27" -- read Hebraically (R to L) -- is ... "72"

      Clearly, "216" ... "72" ... "3" ... & even the date 10/26/2016 ...
      are ritually linked ... & this combination seems to represent "DIVISION".

      "DIVISION" -- in Jewish Gematria -- sums to: ** 9 1 1 **

      Thanks so much for sharing what you found. Not only did you provide a lot of helpful info, but the way you put it together prompted me to think harder about the "216" thing.

      The scope & intricacy of these number systems is truly amazing, isn't it?

      I think the "Evil" side of this system is only the outer layer ... which -- from our current perspective -- would also make it the most obvious form. However, the prevalence of "Duality" indicates that there also HAS to be a "Good" side to this practice as well.

      Undoubtedly that "Positive, Inner Core" contains the most valuable "Key" of all ... which is why they remain so determined to hide it's existence from us.
      However, every new discovery brings us that much closer, & ultimately we'll find the thread that leads to unraveling the systems that enslave us.

      Knowledge IS Power -- & those against are very much aware of that. ;D

    5. I'm wondering if we will be hearing some sort of news about the Queen. Queen Elizabeth is QE/EQ. Royalty seems to play a huge part in all this even tho they ate British it doesn't matter. I don't think America ever left/broke away from the Crown or the Catholic Church.
      Bank of America is really just the Bank of Italy anyway.

    6. Pru -- yep, lately they've been suspiciously quiet ... Too Quiet ...

      The royals seem to come out of hiding prior to every single major event in this country ... so they'll probably be emerging from their lairs any day now.

      Like you said, we've NEVER been "free" of them. Their Royalist Trojan Horse -- Alexander Hamilton -- helped ensure that from the git-go.

      Nowdays Hamilton is the darling of every "Court Historian" -- the academic propagandists whose role is to ensure that we drink the Historical Koolaid. I even heard that currently there's a "hit" play on Broadway about him -- with a black man in the starring role! Talk about rewriting history & poetic license!! Incredible. ;D

    7. I'm really fascinated with this. Which chapter in Exodus are you referring to for chapters 19,20,21? I need to look that up! I did a bunch of work on the numbers of Revelation a while back after I saw a video segment on youtube that explained the sun, moon, earth ratio's with 234, 432, 108 and 216 and I had taken those numbers and did a little more math on them myself because they are just so fascinating. If you feel like going down the rabbit hole with me...
      We know Revelation 13:18 is the mark of the beast 666 passage.
      13*18=234 234+432=666 6*6*6=216 That's the foundation.
      Then you can find this easily on youtube, but here is the sun, moon earth bit just illustrate the significance.
      432+432=864 (the supposed diameter of the sun is 864,000)
      432/2=216 (the diameter of the moon is 2160)
      432 squared=186,624 The speed of light in miles per second
      Then I kept doing math from here and found this...
      7912 is the earth's diameter and 7*9*1*2=126
      23.4 is the tilt of the earth in degrees
      216/2=108 and if you calculate the distance of the sun from earth by the sun's diameter 93,312,000/864,000=108 AND the distance of the moon from earth by the moon's diameter 233,280/2160=108. They both =108.
      The mayan great year is 2160 years.
      And going back to Revelation 13:18 if you add 1318+666=1984. Orwellian eh?
      The passage right after Rev 13:18 is 14:1 and in that passage is where they mention the 144,000. If you take 14*144=2016!!
      And I also found this. If you take the square root of 153 (the number of the miraculous catch) you get 12.369 which is the number of moons in a year.
      Look up Rev 13:5 and it refers to 40 and 2 moons. If you calculate the exact number of the month which is 27.3, that is how long in days it take the moon to make one rotation around the earth, you get 1146.6. If you multiply 1*1*4*6*6=144 (The time number!)
      153 is the 17th triangular number is 1-17 sums to 153. If you take 17*153=2601. 153 is a fascinating number all on it's own...but it's relationship to 216 is neat as well.
      Oh and I almost forgot, 2+3+4=9 and 2*3*4=24 and 9*24=216!

      So now this begs the question. I'm neither a flat or round earther...I choose to suspend judgement because I simply don't know. Now does this information support the round earth theory and also the validity of the bible in a sense? Or does it mean that man created the sun, moon, earth calculations and put them in the bible? I truly don't know what to think. I do have a tendency to think that man is not quite this clever and that god plays a part in these numbers and the corresponding sacred geometry. How far man has gone to deceive us however, cannot be discounted. Either way....this knowledge is important! I'm so excited to see the work you did on 216 and I hope what I've added is meaningful to you as well!

    8. I don't know why I didn't think of this a moment ago when I wrote this...but also the significance of 144 and 216 can be found in resonant frequencies as well! 144Hz is the known resonant frequency of the pineal gland and 216Hz is the crown. I've been studying human anatomy and the bible lately, and when you mentioned the two pillars being representative of the 2 and 6 with the"1" in the middle, I thought of the temple of solomon again. Zach shared a reader contribution about King Solomon in the bible and the 144 references. I noted there that the two pillars, Jachin and Boaz can be representative of these two little pillar shaped nodules in the backs of our eyes called the suprachiasmatic nuclei. These little nodes in our eyes literally allow us to "see the light". They then send the message to our pineal gland of whether it's day or night and whether to produce melatonin or seratonin. I've been reading all about this as well as 432hz music and how it was altered to 444hz. And perhaps this is the real problem with what CERN is doing...they could be altering the frequency of earth...well...I'm certain there are several things involved in this...but nevertheless...this is something to think about further. There is an interesting blog I have linked here that writes about this subject and solomon and the connections to the pineal glad and it's very interesting. I keep having to remind myself...the world around us is the material realm...but there is very much something greater than what we see and experience and frequency and sound clearly play a large part in that. To me it seems like that is where we will actually find God. Not in this material world. So now I want to see how many other ways these numbers relate to our human form as well as the bible!

    9. Butler -- you wouldn't believe the trouble I've had trying to respond to your post!! I've been trying multiple times since yesterday -- & everything keeps crashing. It even deleted my entire history. Several times I've nearly finished some pretty lengthy posts -- just to have them suddenly vanish.

      Now I can hardly remember the points I was trying to make, lol. Damnit.

      What's really eerie is the overwhelming synchronicity just prior to the glitches. It seems that while you were posting these most recent comments, I was (unsuccessfully) trying to write about the very same topic (under the "Tom Hayden" post).

      Prunella had mentioned looking into the Hilton Millenium hotel in NYC -- for a completely unrelated reason ... but when I tried, EVERY single site failed -- all for different reasons. When I finally found a search combination that worked, all of the pages were speculating about the hotel being a "stargate" portal with possible ties to CERN. That was the last thing I ever expected to find.

      But -- since your posts were still resonating with me -- I decided the universe was calling & went with it -- launching into a discussion about frequency manipulation, harmonics & sound. Hours later, when all those attempts at posting had failed, I finally gave up & went back to this page. Imagine my shock when I found that you had recently posted about that very same thing. Bizarro!

      I hope you're still checking this page & will see this. I have much to say about what you've written -- but apparently I'll need to write them in shorter increments. I swear, the past 24 hours has felt like "Groundhog Day" -- trying to do the same thing over & over (& over!) again -- each attempt a paler version of the one before. Could this be how some of the Mandela Effects are "born"? Are they a "side effect" of the confusion that arises out of unexpected repetition? I know MY brain feels "fried"!

      Thank you for providing so much wonderful, helpful information! I took screen shots of it all, so that I can easily use it for reference.

      You asked about the Exodus verses ... the source I used is listed below. I admit to being Biblically illiterate, so I'll leave that research to your more capable hands ... & trust whatever you may discover. Since my history was wiped out -- (it even erased this site from my homepages -- where I'd tried to save it!) -- it took some searching, but I was finally able to find the site again: ... "The Numbers Game" ... 8/7/08.

      I'll post again -- as I said, there is much here of great interest to discuss! :D

    10. I've been trying to reply to this all day! Sorry! I'm following this thread so I'll see it if you post back! I feel like all of us putting our headed together is really creating a synthesis allowing us to reveal some very useful information!! I am struck by your bringing up Groundhog Day! Seeing Bill Murray everywhere lately and the thinking about time bending...I was just thinking about that movie last night! How weird! We may as well keep going down this rabbit hole...I'm convinced it's leading somewhere.

    11. Butler -- Same here ... been having trouble posting back to you. Computer keeps resetting itself. SO very glad you want to keep pursuing this -- I'm in complete agreement that it's leading us somewhere significant!

      Your point about collective energy creating a synthesis "feels" right. Hard to explain -- but I don't think I need to (& that's certainly refreshing, lol!).

      DOMINOES keep coming to mind. People tend to think in terms of "building" a puzzle by adding the missing pieces, but dominoes seems more accurate in this scenario. Think of the 2 ways in which dominoes are used ... as a game where each piece links to another -- combining "in perfect harmony" ... & also when they are set up in close proximity, so that a "tap" from one causes the others to respond in unison. The resulting chain reaction reveals beautiful & intricate patterns, that unfold at a rapid pace. "Dominoes" definitely feels like the right analogy.

      On my end, the synchronicities over the past few days have been increasing -- rapidly. I started out jotting them down, but now there's just too many to keep up with. I guess the point is not to document the oddities as much as it is to understand what they mean. They appear to be acknowledging that the path we're following is indeed the right one.

      I really thought these "strange things" would settle down after 24 hours, but this rabbit hole must be very different -- & much deeper -- than others.

      216, 72, & 3 are still popping up ... as are 5.5 & 55. Also various combos of 3, 6 & 9 -- which is intriguing. Just a few hours ago I finally got around to listening to Zach's video about Tesla & the Italian earthquakes (fell way behind & trying to catch up). In it he mentions Tesla's quote about understanding the mysteries of 3, 6 & 9 as being the key to understanding the universe. I'd heard that before, but this was like a pointed reminder.

      Thank goodness we're on the same wavelength -- it's too laborious when you have to justify every point made -- & it's too easy (for me) to get off topic, lol. I honestly believe that this "gap" in our communication skills is by design -- the longer & more convoluted an explanation becomes, the greater the odds that the listener will lose focus & something will be misunderstood. (This right here is a good example ... Lol.)

      Hopefully Prunella & others will contribute. If they're meant to join this search -- they'll be drawn to it as we were.

      I guess during the initial stages of "Groundhog Day", our instinct is to look for an escape. Once you accept that you're in it though, you start to search for whatever it is you're being prompted to discover. Now that my brain is (finally) settling down, I'll stop focusing on being awestruck -- & my future posts will contain Actual Information ... Lol!

      I'll be checking back & posting regularly ... if you want to shift & pick up under another thread, just tell me where to look. ;D :D

    12. I just posted a little comment over on the new post about today's Italy earthquake and it all ties in with this thought process as well, Zach added some more really helpful information in that post and in the video. I have been looking at some very bizarre things, just trying to take apart the words that keep coming up and I am seeing 27, 55, 108, 1122...just a lot of the same numbers I see, again and again. Well, and 216 combinations. It's really strange, but suddenly I'm finding things in the bible that I would have never figured out before. I keep a journal and a word document both running with all of the stuff I keep turning up. I am trying to figure out what this narrative is telling us about frequency and resonance and I just keep finding more stuff without even meaning to. Tesla also said, if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. I've been thinking about that a lot as it also clearly pertains to these current events.
      Notably I was looking at the word "Worship" today and found some interesting things related to frequency.
      Worship,Gaia, Beat, Magnetic Field=108
      "fifty five"=108 and Song, Piano=55

      Anyway, if you want to post further on the newer Italy earthquake post, I am following that one too. Tomorrow I hope to gather my thoughts and all of the info here and see what we've got so far!

    13. Butler -- this is the umpteenth time I've tried to respond. Several times a day -- for (how many?) days now, I've been watching my posts on this topic literally vanish before my eyes. I am not joking when I say there's a time loop in process (at least on my end ...).
      During each "Reset", everything that's "in progress" automatically reverts to it's pre-reset, nonexistent state. Sounds "out there", I know ... but ... memory is one thing that DOESN'T reset -- not if you're "Outside" The Loop. I'd explain further, but don't want to lose this one too ...

      Just to see if I can jiggle this Groundhog Day Effect loose, I'm going to skip all the extraneous crap & skip to the chase:

      "Bruce Cathie, Ancient Science, Harmonics" @ reddpill ... 9/14/16

      Cathie brilliantly explains the utilization of HARMONIC PHYSICS -- as well as how & why it's such a tightly controlled secret. Wouldn't you know it -- this knowledge & these formulas are used to DISTORT TIME (among many, many other things).
      Really wish I could say more about him & his work -- but as they say ... the Clock Is Ticking. Perhaps in the next post ...

      Also: All of your theories & suspicions about Frequency, Resonance, Harmonics, Time Manipulation, etc ARE CORRECT.

      So don't doubt what you "know" to be True. IT IS.

      I'll elaborate whenever the Universe allows me to ... rest assured I won't stop trying!

      ** Pay close attention to Cathie @ 35:38 ... when he states, "The whole concept is different to what you're taught in universities. But this is where all the secrets are."

      He & his work are 100% legit ... watching this video will open your eyes about many things, & will be time well spent.
      Note: I only discovered this vid 2 days ago -- & since it covers so many areas I've been trying to address in my lost posts (& explains it all much, much better) ... I guess you could say that these "delays" might -- after all -- be happening for a reason ...! ;D :D

    14. Bingo! It went through!!! :D :D

    15. Oh I'm excited to watch this video! I'll check it out this afternoon! Sucks you're having such a time posting! I seriously think we got stuck in a Groundhog Day effect too for a few days. Weird things going on and more earthquakes in Italy. It's like those are on the loop! Ok...I'll watch that video and let you know! If you want to email me and see if that would work better please feel free. I would love to hear more about what's been going on!

  3. TESLA the Automaker released Earth-Shaking Earnings today.

    They were Forecast to Lose 54cents per share - Earthquakes=54.

    They "surprised" w/ a Profit of 71cents per share. - Seventy One =45.

    TSLA =52 matching the date numerology of 52. TSLA =211. Mason=211. Tesla Motors =58. Freemasonry =58. The Big One =85.


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