Friday, October 28, 2016

13 44 67 99 142 | FedEx plane catches fire in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 28, 2016

Fort Lauderdale = 61/142
FedEx = 26/44

Federal Express?

If this is baseball related, let us not forget the gematria of 'Cleveland Indians'.

67 = 6+7 = 13

Let us not forget, there is another plane fire in Illinois, also today.

Let us also not forget, the Cubs have history with the Florida Marlins, and so do the Cleveland Indians, 2003 NLCS, and 1997 World Series, respectively.


  1. Does the riddle mean the Indians are not "flying" back to Cleveland and finishing the series in Chicago? Lol. I mean if they win it all in Wrigley, they will be 11-2 in the postseason, winning the 112th WS.

    1. That was a great thought even though it won't be so.

  2. The trilogy starts with "Planes" ... followed by "Trains" & "Automobiles".
    Is a Train incident on the horizon?
    Does the "Trump's Son Pushes A Car & Saves The Day" story count for Automobile?

    Oops -- the title refers to multiples of each. Planes are covered, but there must be at least one other car story coming.
    Maybe 2 trains hauling cars will crash into each other ... Lol

    1. Or perhaps they're already counting the recent train stories? More great thoughts, thank you!

    2. You're right! If the Opening Credits have almost finished being shown, then it must be about time for the Movie to Start ...

      "Buckle your seat belts everyone, it's going to be a bumpy night!"
      Betty Davis -- soothsayer extraordinaire ... Lol

  3. Here's another "plane" reference from 10/28/16 --

    In the "Undone by Weiner" article, they state that Hillary Clinton was "on a PLANE with no WIFI coverage when the announcement was made" --

    It seemed odd that they mentioned it.

    Are they trying to rack up a specific number of "Plane" references within a pre-determined time frame?

    PLANE : (Jewish) 126 -- sounds like Hillary's birthdate of 10/26 ... (English) 288 ...
    (Pythagorean/Simple) ** 48 **

    ** 48 ** was also present in the story "ISIS Executes 232" -- both from 10/28/16.

    The "ISIS" info was conveyed by a spokesperson from the UN High Council for
    Human Rights ... or UN HCHR.
    Using Bacon Gematria (all caps), the reduced form sums to:
    UN = 15 ... HCHR = ** 33 **

    UN HCHR = 15 + 33 = ** 48 **

    Both stories imply that women & children are being "abused" by a man or men.

    1. ISIS = $$ when you put the I in front of the S instead of beside it. I think the Overlords look at words/read them differently than we do. We read words horizontally side to side like a scanner, but they see them more like dominoes, I think, if that makes sense.
      Probably we scan the enviroment the same way we read and that's why things seem so limited. It's the bad habit we need to overcome to get out of the box

    2. I see all these plane fires as symbolic flaming arrows.


    3. Dang, Pru -- that insight is incredible!!
      Makes perfect sense, & adds a lot of meaning to all those weirdly worded headlines & sub-headings ... also would explain why paragraphs are so often laid out strangely (like single words isolated under pics or on opposite margins).

      There was an episode of "Bones" where she referenced a (real) intriguing experiment -- one that fits this scenario perfectly.
      People were given special glasses to wear that forced them to see everything upside down. After 3 days -- 72 hours -- the brain "reset" & suddenly the images appeared "normal". When they took the glasses off -- everything appeared upside down. It then took another 3 days for the brain to "reset" again.
      Imagine the many ways THAT knowledge could be used!

      I believe you're exactly right -- they DON'T see the world the way we do ... literally. All that's required is training, in order to use these variant "perspectives".
      Makes you think hard about those clunky glasses that seem to ALWAYS pop up on icons when they're in the hot seat. Thought they were Google glasses -- but maybe it's much simpler than that ...

      Turns out there IS an ancient precedent for this -- it's called:
      Lines are read in alternating directions ... L to R, then R to L ... back & forth in a "Zig-Zag". This can also include variations of up & down.
      (Now we know why rolling papers got that name, lol.)

      Also -- ** Individual Characters are Reversed or Mirrored (sounds familiar).

      This was used in Ancient Greece & other places.

      **But -- it's also CURRENTLY used in the U.S. to plot Township Surveys ... which means those involved in government -- & "Building" -- would be familiar with the concept.

      BOUSTROPHEDON TRANSFORM is a Mathematical Formula that:
      Fills A TRIANGULAR Array In A ZIG-ZAG Manner.

      Brilliant Observations, Pru!!

    4. Thank u so much for researching that! I didnt know it had a name, m going to check it out now.

      I always thought I had a weird sort of dyslexia as I sometimes see certain words rearranged differently at first glance. For instance, the word Vietnam sometimes appears to me as TVieman. stuff like that. It's why I enjoy anagrams so much probably.

    5. 3 strange days of wearing special glasses. Fits in well with the jesus death and resurrection story. 3 days in the tomb/movie theater darkness. Planetarium laser light shows in stereo. Special 3d glasses? Buddy Holly glasses. One eye red, one blue? When the streams cross things pop out at u.
      Do we live in a sort of pop up book I wonder? 3d printers are touted as a real thing now so it seems plausible

      Trippy stuff.

    6. Glad you shared that you have a "weird dyslexia" -- the same thing happens to me. Maybe it's why we're able to "see" things that others miss? Understand what they can't -- because our brains decode what's shown in a different way? It works that way with Gematria, so it makes sense that other forms of hidden messaging would also be around us.

      When I had perfect eyesight, "my eyes weren't open". But when my vision got blurry, suddenly I was able to discern a lot of things I'd been oblivious to before. I also came the to realize that there are MANY meanings behind the phrase "not everyone sees the world in the same way".

      Without my glasses, patterns & discrepancies leap out -- it's like they've been "camouflaged" by all the detail surrounding them. That's one reason I'm skeptical about LASIK surgery -- sometimes, being able to "convert to blurry" has it's advantages. Squinting may have a similar effect -- but it's probably not as good.

      It gets REALLY interesting when you "blur" old artwork. The existence of "paintings within paintings" has been known for a long time.But this isn't referring to one painted over the top of another -- it's one incorporated INTO another. Seeing the alternative usually involves looking at it from an odd angle, or viewing it in dim light -- so that shadow & light within the painting suddenly become more prominent.

      All of this -- & the fact that this knowledge is very old -- leads me to believe that you're right about our modern "view" of things being grossly distorted. I think unnatural (manmade) "bright" light ... & constant prompting to always look CLOSER -- to focus on minute DETAILS ... IS being used as a form of unexpected "weapon of deception".

      Our eyes were designed to function under NATURAL light -- like firelight & candles, & the dimness of indoors. Even under sunlight we generally have to find shade in order to see better. Harsh light & glare are BLINDING.

      And nowdays everyone's attention is focused on looking at TINY things -- especially those things that require tools such as microscopes, etc. It is there -- we're told -- that ALL the "answers" are.

      It's another layer of the Grand Deception.

      Given the technology available & their (hidden) knowledge -- it's entirely plausible that everything we "think" we see is NOTHING like it really is. They don't even need to hook us up to a Matrix to do it.

      In the movie "Cloud Atlas", it shows how, in the "future", devices are used to create holographic-like imagery that makes an ugly, barren world APPEAR to be bright & exciting. I've read articles about such things currently being "developed" -- which means it already exists, & soon it'll be so widespread that they'll feel comfortable "selling" it to the masses.

      If you haven't seen "Cloud Atlas" -- try to. It's a real eye-opener! ;D

  4. The jersey train crash don't forget.
    As soon as I saw the Chicago plane and ft Lauderdale crash instantly thought Cubs and heat both lose opening night. Exactly what happened.
    FBI is known as the Feds or fedex burst into flames like they're case is all smoke.
    Let's start looking at the great Chicago fires and when I think of fires in Miami there were race riots in coral gables. We all know Florida votes will play big role in the election. There was a story about two election workers caught committing fraud in Miami dade county two days ago.

    1. Good thoughts, the Chicago fires Dan Behrendt has been on for some time because of the dates.

  5. @Zack
    This may seem silly to you but I'm not familiar with Dan, I just searched on YouTube he's a truthers also? Please advise

    1. Yes -- he's brilliant! I believe it's: for his blog site.

    2. Thanks! Will check him out...
      Hope all is well with you MFSYY!

  6. I started to understand why were wrong on some of the predictions. We live in a duality
    Matrix. So if the Cubs win or lose it all depends which reality gets to experience the manipulated outcome. The ritual that occurs is what we yearn to discover. Some pray to god and some chant for Baal. Basically the same ritual. Cubs vs Indians is the same story. The dates of the rituals and reason is where we need find!
    Cheers. Working on the picks for today's and Sunday's games. I expect lots of 44 coding it's week 8 lol and game 4

    1. Like how playing cards have one image on top and the reverse image on bottom. One world is upside down.

      Imagine yourself standing up straight gazing straight ahead at the horizon, then lean over and touch your toes while trying to keep your eyes on the horizon. It looks alot different down there.
      I think that's why the Overlords burden us with these seeming unsurmountable problems, and worries, and fear. when you r so focused on the ground you can't move very quickly and you cant see what's ahead of you very well.

    2. What up Prunella , great observation and so true same with yoga. Contorting and blood traveling changes your mind set. We get another day in pandoras box lol. Confuse the news stories too/ order out of chaos

    3. These are all great points. Good analogy on the cards, too.

      Of course I had to try that toe-touch thing ... fell right on my ass! Lol
      You're right -- everything DOES look different from "down there" ... heh heh. Just rolled over & stared at the ceiling for awhile. Yet another perspective we never incorporate.

      Is this why dogs tilt their heads to the side when something doesn't make sense? Do they instinctively shift the position of their brain to get better "reception"? The more confused they get, the more extreme the tilt becomes ...

      My daughter did a stint working in a psych ward, & she discovered that many times agitated patients would immediately calm down & become happy -- if she spun them around really fast in an old office chair.

      It started as a lark, but soon patients were lining up for it! The direction of the spin didn't seem to matter -- whatever the patient preferred, worked.

      I think this a really important discovery ... just think about it -- little kids do this ALL the time -- & it makes them giggle like drunk monkeys!
      But -- what if there IS a sound, physiological concept here -- especially for "Resetting" disfunctional brain chemistry??

      Resetting The Brain's Perception appears to be something that's actually not that hard to do (see my post above re: the experiment mentioned on "Bones").
      Imagine the economic loss if surgery & meds could be replaced with an office chair (or a Sit-n-Spin! Lol

      Tried to get her to pursue this further, but ... what do "I" know ... I'm just a "parent" -- not an "expert". Maybe though, someone much more "intelligent" -- such as you -- can unlock this mystery? ;D

    4. Reminds me of the way my dog has to sniff and walk around in figure eights for a while before she finds the perfwct spot to poop. I figured it had something to do with magnetic fields.

    5. Yeh -- I thought that was about magnetic fields too. Same for why they circle a dozen times before lying down. Seems like small dogs do these things a lot more than bigger ones. Hmm ...

      Maybe the magnetic field IS what's being "adjusted" with the "spinning".

      That's an excellent observation I would never have considered. More proof that we've been programmed to overthink things. The answers we seek may be as simple as paying attention to the commonest things -- like dogs pacing out the infinity sign before pooping! Lol

      Thanks, Pru!! :D

  7. Week 7 in NFL that means lots of 77 coding and division winners will be 6-1 and 5-2
    Week 10 we will know playoff seedlings.
    If you look at the 76ers anthem singer her name reminds me of 77 BTW wore a 7 jersey. Her name also brings up the movie Seven with brad Pitt.

  8. 1 Gula (gluttony)
    2 Luxuria/Fornicatio (lust, fornication)
    3 Avaritia (avarice/greed)
    4 Superbia (pride, hubris)
    5 Tristitia (sorrow/despair/despondency)
    6 Ira (wrath)
    7 Vanagloria (vainglory)
    8 Acedia (sloth)

    This is playing out in front of our eyes think of the recent news stories and or characters
    Let's attach each sin to an event or person

    1. Monica Riley 700lbs 27 years old model ft worth Texas

  9. The arrow in Hillarys logo and fed ex are the same.
    Arrows are used by native Americans

    Big games FSU, Chiefs, Cleveland Indians

    The pipeline is being fought by Indians

    The tiger story's : tiger woods and Obama golfing
    Tiger attacks trainer in front of kids
    Clemson Tigers trying to get back to NCG.

  10. @Prunella

    Mirrors/ firmament / refraction

    Hillary Clinton to hold election night party under real glass ceiling @ Jacob K Javitz center 34st -40th Hell's Kitchen NY NY 10001

  11. Jacob like Jacobs field where Indians play. Lol

  12. Sorry Zack did not mean to high jack the thread again. 😎

    Have a great Saturn day


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