Friday, October 28, 2016

33 93 | Heritage Foundation propaganda film, '33 Minutes'

Watch the propaganda fear porn here made by the Heritage Foundation here:

It is about how nuclear missiles can hit the United States from North Korea or Iran in just '33 minutes'.  These films first appeared in 2012-13.


  1. Until I witness some serious fallout, I'm not buying into nukes. Somebody would have launched one in the last 50 years, imo.

    1. Agree with you, Lord. Given the hype about "bombs", it also never made sense why they would dot the country with nuclear power plants -- sitting targets that would ensure total destruction.

      What "enemy" would bother with DC -- when they could hit the nuclear plants. The secondary explosions & related fallout would take of everything. Hell -- 3 strikes is all it'd take .. West coast, Mid-America & East coast.

      Of course -- what would they "get" as a result? A wasteland .. & there's no money in that. Nah -- bioweapons are much more efficient ... & then the "winner" gets to keep it all.

    2. Re: residual radiation ... according to the fear data, all of NM, Nevada & Utah should be irradiated wastelands. These scare tactics have done a great job of diverting public attention & insuring the privacy of other, bigger "secrets". Declaring an area "radioactive" effectively keeps the Looky Lou's away.

      How is it that -- in spite of the dire warnings -- animals always thrive in these zones? Consider the African Oryx that were turned loose across White Sands Missike Range in the early 1960's. Instead of withering away from radiation, their population exploded (no natural predators).

      The (admitted) goal was to create an Exclusive Hunt Club for politicians & the elite. And that's exactly what they did. Courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers, they'd fly in to hunt, & then throw huge, raucous barbecues where they often feted visiting foreign military & dignitaries. All in complete privacy.

      These senators, judges, etc. could hunt whenever they wanted -- a practice that went on for decades. Anyone else faced severe penalties if caught "poaching on Federal Land". When peons were finally allowed to apply for a once yearly hunt, the One-Per-Lifetime permits cost nearly $1,000.

      These African Oryx are huge, moose-sized animals with tall horns that grow straight up like spikes & reach lengths of 3-4 feet. Many got hit -- always totaling the vehicle & often killing the occupants.

      Now tell me this -- how is it that these elite "hunters" weren't fearful of the "irradiated land"? Why did they not fear eating the meat of animals who grazed solely on (supposedly) "toxic" plant life? Even though not all of WSMR is declared "hot" -- these folks weren't avoiding ANY place.

      I'd say it's because THEY KNEW that there was nothing to fear.
      THEY UNDERSTOOD that claims of toxicity were nothing more than a hoax. They also KNEW that perpetuating the lie would help ensure that vast spaces would remain exclusively "THEIRS" -- places where they'd never have to encounter "the public".

      Supposedly most (but not all) of these oryx have been removed or killed off. However, there are huge numbers of other, similar "Exclusive Zones" -- this practice is growing, rather than waning.

      In the last few years alone, hundreds of millions (perhaps billions) of acres have been designated as "Protected Areas" -- places where the public can no longer go -- at all.

      Agenda 21 isn't "coming" ... it's been here for awhile.

    3. Always good when you writw a small novella in response, my man. Any agenda that may be reported or rumored to be ready soon has always already been taking place. The NWO hoopla in and of itself should be evidence of that. It always feels better to think the worst is yet to come. Let somebody else worry about that future, I'm good right here and now. These attitudes keep seats filled and guns in their cases.

    4. Heh heh -- really appreciate that you understand my inability to be brief!!
      And I REALLY mean that. Once it starts spewing out, I can't stop ... & because I type pretty fast, it's there before I even realize how long the post is. Thank you, my friend :D

      Love what you wrote about "today" versus "someday". You're right on the money. Even though that mind set's always been around, there HAS been a shift -- in the wrong direction.

      Seems like everyone now confuses "Hope" with "Dread". They're all EXPECTING the End Of Days & Armageddon -- & acting like what we've got now is the best it'll ever be. Everything's downhill from here, & it's irreversible.

      Maybe it's because I'm older, but I REMEMBER better days -- so I understand the possibilities. I guess that's why I'm compelled to share so many stories -- part of me wants to remind people that's there a world beyond Trump & the Kardashians ... you just have to get out there in it.

      What gets to me is their overwhelmingly fatalistic attitude ... & the fact that everyone's frame of reference stems solely from movies. For 2 decades now -- since the '90's -- I've heard the same people work themselves into a frenzy about how they'll "come out fightin' when the tanks roll in".

      It's become pointless to explain that that will never happen. The media GAVE them their notions about what a "takeover" looks like -- & they've been watching for that precise formula ever since. Pointing out that Laws, Regulations & Bureaucracy are the REAL Weapons Of Control -- falls on deaf ears.

      Like Russell Means pointed out -- Indian reservations are prisons without bars, & America has become the world's largest Reservation. So right.

      Meanwhile, people "wait" for the day they'll become a guerilla warrior -- a la "Red Dawn" -- & think nothing of the fact that they CANNOT LEAVE the borders of their country without Government sanctioned papers -- their (softly-named) Passport.

      Thanks again for saying you don't mind my novellas (& for reading them! Lol). I've had a "Forrest Gump Life" -- so I've got a gozillion stories ... & it's nice to share them. ;D :D

  2. I have been skeptical about N. Korea for over a decade. We propagandize the shit out of them. U.S. and N. Korea are tight. Why else would the Korean War still be, technically... c'mon. Plus when did Kim J U take over? Let me look for you...


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