Friday, October 28, 2016

37 51 87 88 | World Series Game 2 box score observations, October 26, 2016 (Hillary Clinton's birthday)

The Cubs beat the Indians 5-1 in Cleveland in Game 2 of the World Series.

Cleveland = 33/51/78
Conspiracy = 51/60/123

The 9 hits to 4 hits also stands out.  '94' was the number this season, a season that began on the 94th day of the year.

Notice Chicago had 37 at bats.  Chicago = 37

Arrieta's no hitter was broken up on his 88th pitch.  '88' has been a major theme in this postseason.  Notice his opposing pitcher, Baeur, came out after 87 pitches.  As I pointed out, this game was on Hillary Clinton's birthday, a birthday that is 87-days from Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.  Of course, Hillary, who is from Chicago, is a Cubs fan.

Clinton = 87; Voting = 87; Birthday = 87
87 pitches on Hillary's birthday?

#44 knocked in the first run, the man with the '94' name.

The man with the billy goat facial hair, who faked his ACL injury, knocked in the second run of the game.  He also knocked in the fourth run of the game and scored the fifth.


  1. I loved how former pitcher/commentator John Smoltz and the faggot Joe Fuck were trying to rationalize why the starters were coming out so early in the playoffs. YOU DO NOT PULL A CY YOUNG WINNER KLUBER, WHO'S CRUISING AT 88 PITCHES IN THE WORLD SERIES. You don't pull him if it's not scripted that is, and we all know that it is. The gullible retard sheep eat it up every single time.

    1. So true legion, I cannot stand when Joe Buck looks at the camera and smiles so smugly when he hands it off to Smoltz to say his 2 cents worth.

  2. Oh My God Hilarious the Billy Goat Facial hair!!!!! That's exactly what it looks like!!!!!

    1. Kyle Schwarber represents the curse of the billy goat. He appears the minute it's broken, out of NOWHERE, and immediately starts raking. He's the ONLY guy on the Cubs with only a goatee and no other facial hair. In Game 1, he made a baserunning mistake, but slid back into second base ON the leg he supposedly tore his ACL on.

      Schwarber definitely took a big hit earlier this season, but as this series goes on, it does appear as if it was overblown.

  3. This guy Schwarber has been having huge success after coming off his season ending injury. Must be coincidence.

  4. Seems as if billy goat face will be a big part in the script

  5. Hey Zach...couple other observations about 88.

    Kyle Hendricks and Corey Kluber both threw 88 pitches in their most recent starts, and both wear 28. Two-eight, like two eights, or 88. Joe Maddon's birthday is also 2/8, and he was born in '54, the Baseball year.

    What about Francona? Francona's birthday is 4/22. 4x22 = 88. Also, look at Francona's playing career. He debuted August 19th, 1981, and his last game was April 19th, 1990, EXACTLY 8 years, 8 months later.

    Also, Anthony Rizzo scored the last run of Game 6. He wears #44, but he was born on...yup, 8/8.

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