Tuesday, October 25, 2016

17 44 71 | 'Fires, drones and tunnels', how ISIS is defending Mosul, October 25, 2016 news

This is the front page news, October 25, 2016.

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71 (71 years since World War)
10/25/2016 = 10+25+(2+0+1+6) = 44 (Military)
10/25/2016 = 1+0+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 17 (Mosul)
10/25/16 = 10+25+16 = 51 (Conspiracy)



  1. So now ISIS has "inferior technology"? What happened to their "sophisticated & technologically advanced" Air Force? Their superior, well-funded financial & computer systems -- capable of wreaking havoc in world markets with the push of a button?

    Oh right -- we've got boots on the ground engaging in battle again (despite what the article DOESN'T say -- they're there) ... so we're back to the narrative of portraying the "enemy" as cave dwellers & tunnel rats.
    You know ... that's the EXACT same promo that was used throughout the Vietnam War. Hmmm.

    Aside from the blaring headline -- the article fails to mention ANYTHING about the DRONE part of their "eye-catching trilogy".
    Idiot skimmers will see War + Drone & ASSUME ... Hell Fire Missiles.

    Yet a huge chunk of America will also find some kind of DRONE under their Christmas trees this year -- so the word alone is hardly enough to get worked up about.
    Details, CNN ... Facts. And as for that Firey Inferno pic -- hell, it looks like a guy watching a forest fire in the distance ... if not a completely photoshopped fake.

    ISIS ... Iraq ... Syria ... all ritual circumambulation ... around & around.

    But when was the last time we heard about what's going on YEMEN? The silence alone indicates that there's plenty we're not hearing. And there's no guarantee that the soldiers themselves are truly aware of which country they're ACTUALLY in. Think about it.

    1. Damn -- you're right! That's a GREAT reminder that ALL of "our" names for these countries have been Anglicized to "fit" the English language.

      I don't know what the Yemenis call their land in their native tongue -- but I DO know that it's NOT "Yemen". Nor does any other foreign country with a vastly different language use "our terminology" when referring to their home land.

      They have their OWN word(s) ... which "experts" then "Decode For Us" -- usually admitting that their Official "Translation" is an APPROXIMATION ... & claiming that "it's the closest they could get" to the Original Word.

      Uh huh. Sure it is.
      As you've just shown -- the English names created for other lands are meant to fulfill other agendas ... & set in accordance with "the numbers".

      Yemen ... using Bacon for the capital Y ...

      51+5+13+5+14 = ... 88

      Reduced: 6+5+4+5+5 = 35 = ... 8

      Super connection -- thanks!!


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