Sunday, October 30, 2016

46 99 199 523 | Is the moment too big? Pressing Cubs pushed to brink, October 30, 2016 ESPN headline

What a headline.


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  2. Serious question. Did you ever definitively say the cubs would win the world series? I cant remember. I know before the season started you called them going to it, just not sure if you said theyd win

    1. I thought they would win.
      Since the beginning of the playoffs when I pointed out the parallel between the Indians and Cubs through the film Major League, I have acknowledged that the Indians do win in that movie... Cubs will win next year if they lose this year. They'll be "more mature" then. That will be the narrative. "They were too young", so they choked in the moment this year. That will be the continued narrative if they lose, but it's not over. If the Indians don't close it out tonight in Chicago, I'm still riding with what I've been saying for months, Cubs in Game 7.

    2. Very good points. Francona or however you spell his name is 11-1 in world series history, so a loss would put hin at 11-2. I do like that narrative in and of itself

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    1. Zach, post deleted, you are wrong bud, I am just giving you another angle of what you're missing - I deleted all of my posts up to this month already, since you've said "I was doing an advertising". I did prompt research and found the BEST possible Calculators and put them on our website- if you care to use them, you would get better results next time; see, the most recent SIMPLE ENGLISH GEMATRIA you are using is not accurate, go back in history and see where Gematria originated, how was setup, based on old alphabets, and especially the way the Latin was structured was different...anyway, why should I tell you, dig in your things...I hope you succeed, what else do u me to tell you.
      Question: Why are you keeping your name, spelled on you Google profile and everywhere else as "Zachary K Hubbard" instead of just "Zachary Hubbard"?

      "Zachary Hubbard" = (just) 57 in Latin Reduction Gematria, BUT

      "Zachary K Hubbard" = 58 in Latin Reduction Gematria
      "Freemasonry" = 58 in Latin Reduction Gematria

      it is a big difference, maybe is a total coincidence

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      Anyway, you do NOT realize that we are probably on the same side - if you read the articles on the website, we are exposing the system the same way you are trying to do

      see this:

      "donald trump US president " = 102 in Latin Reduction Gematria (102?)

      "black magic controls trump " = 314 in English Kabbalah
      "United States of america" = 314 (in English Kabbalah

      look at the other candidate:

      "Clinton is the Black Magic " = 92 in Latin Reduction Gematria
      "United States of america" = 92 in Latin Reduction Gematria


    2. Zack is Milo right? Are you a free Mason and why do you use your middle initials? And it really caught me off guard because I didn't even know that the Latin Reduction existed. Please explain to us Zack

    3. I don't think u is. My name also means Mark of the beast and sum other crazy shit. Brother Zack yet again thank u for opening me up to sum real shit.

  4. I still see the Cubs at least taking Game 5. Let's see how the script plays out. I see Chicago winning the series in 7 games. Time will tell.

  5. I saw this on Jeremeys blog today by Wayne Rushton

    Trevor Bauer pitching for cleveland tonight exactly 41 weeks after his birthday to give the Indians a 4-1 win.
    It's also 11 weeks 2 days before his next birthday.
    Cleveland would have an 11-2 postseason record.
    Pretty fitting in the 112th world series.

  6. NFL network zombies picked up the colts helmet attached to a chain of all the AFC south teams and said " Walking dead" same with Jets, panthers, Jay Cutlers jersey.


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