Wednesday, October 26, 2016

108 | ABC News article on '108 and Chicago Cubs' for the 2016 World Series

The link to the list of the rest of the '108' is here:

Here are the mentions of '108', they are numerous.

And as a reminder, next season, 2017, it will be 108-seasons since the Cubs last World Series win, 1908, due to the '94 lockout season.


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  2. This means if the Cubs lose Hillary has NO chance. The umps, managers and some of the players will fix it for The Indians as they stab the "numbers gang" in the back. Watch out for some weird plays and calls.

    Radio interview with 108 proponent Grant DePorter. Guy has been researching this for years. He makes a great case. He presents it in a rational manner free of the ominous connotations you'd present it with. Which is why I am more receptive to this rather than offering relentless skepticism as usual.

    USA Today article I saw in the paper yesterday featuring him as well as a professional numerologist.

    His book "Hoodoo: Unraveling the 100 Year Mystery of the Chicago Cubs" mentioned in the article and interview.

    Inside Edition covered it.

    I guess I will have to eat crow now .

    *In fact I tried to get a hold of Grant DePorter's email address, so you could discuss this with him. A call to Harry Caray's HQ probably wouldn't help. Probably would need an appointment to chat with him considering he's the CEO

    1. Perhaps it sounded like I was indulging in it, but I was merely attempting to meet you halfway. I was trying to show that someone else has extensively documented all these occurrences of the 108 enigma. Thus showing that I have accepted that there is some merit to numerology after all. Cubs history is rich in superstition and I doubt their fans feel a World Series victory is merely by chance.

      I try to offer intelligent, rational discourse that I supplement with sources. Instead I am met with abusive remarks. There is nothing eloquent about saying "...because you're that fucking stupid. Get lost loser. No one asked you to hang around." Someone pointed out that you were wrong about a couple games (something about UNC and Villanova ) and you respond with an obscenity filled rant. People have been injured or even killed over saying less than what you did on your reply. I assure you I am not "that fucking stupid". I haven't trusted mainstream media for at least ten years and have avoided Top 40 music for as long. I will sit out this election. I consider myself independent with my political stances sometimes being on a issue by issue basis. I also consider myself intellectual and cultured. In school I enjoyed looking through dictionaries and encyclopedias and researchinh anything that interested me. I am not averse to seeking knowledge. So needlessly I don't not take kindly to being second guessed like you did in your reply. You are not dealing with an amateur. It's just that I prefer to take a rational,logical, reasonable approach. Occam's razor!

      I planned on going much longer but I'll finish with these quotes.

      "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
      Proverbs 15:1

      "He who is slow to anger has great understanding, But he who is quick-tempered exalts folly."
      Proverbs 14:29

  4. Cubs numerologist -213 sounds a little to good to be true they'll probably lose this year and win next year in the 108th official season to much Cubs talk everywhere maybe trying to mock numerology

    1. Like I said, if they lose this year, they're definitely winning next season.

  5. This 216 number is interesting for Cleveland. 216 is Cleveland's area code and I've been seeing it coded into ESPN time stamps, dealing with Cleveland. Zach said it could possibly be Cleveland winning two major sporting events in the year 2016 (2 in the year '16)(216). Check this out...

    Two One Six = 45 (Cubs)
    Two Sixteen = 46 (Chicago/Chicago Cubs)

    I was just messing around and this might just be coincidence but...

    Two one six = 144
    One forty four = 178
    One seven eight = 148
    One four eight = 143
    One four three = 150
    One fifty = 100


    One hundred = 108 (Number of years the Cubs haven't won)

    Just thought that was weird.

  6. The cubs win equals 124. 12 years 4 days after Epstein broke Red Sox curse

  7. Chicago cubs world series equals 103. Chicago cubs would have 103 wins with Game 7 victory. Billy goat equals 103. Second of November equals 103.


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