Saturday, October 29, 2016

38 41 55 75 103 | Game 4 World Series preview, Corey Kluber vs John Lackey, October 29, 2016 (2002 and 2016 parallels)

Game Four = 41/86

10/29/2016 = 10+29+20+16 = 75 (World Series)
10/29/2016 = 10+29+(2+0+1+6) = 48
10/29/2016 = 1+0+2+9+2+0+1+6 = 21 (Illinois)
10/29/16 = 10+29+16 = 55 (Chicago Cubs)
10/29 = 10+29 = 39

For the Cubs, John Lackey is pitching.

John = 1+6+8+5 = 20
Derran = 4+5+9+9+1+5 = 33
Lackey = 3+1+3+2+5+7 = 21
John Derran Lackey = 74
John Lackey = 41 (Game Four)

John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
Derran = 4+5+18+18+1+14 = 60
Lackey = 12+1+3+11+5+25 = 57
John Derran Lackey = 164
John Lackey = 104 (Jerusalem = 104) (Cubs, teams of Jews)

He was born October 23, 1978.  (Cleveland = 78)

10/23/1978 = 10+23+19+78 = 130
10/23/1978 = 10+23+(1+9+7+8) = 58 (Freemasonry)
10/23/1978 = 1+0+2+3+1+9+7+8 = 31
10/23/78 = 10+23+78 = 111
10/23 = 10+23 = 33 (Cleveland) (Indian)

This start comes 6-days after his 38th birthday.  Murphy = 38 (Name of cursed goat); Jew = 38

Notice John Lackey's postseason pitching stats.  His first postseason appearance was in 2002, with the Angels, who won the World Series.  That was 14-years ago, the last time a single city won two sports championships in the same year (Lakers and Angels).  If the Indians won this year, it would be the first time in the last 14-years.  Recall, the Indians had that 14-game winning streak that coincided with what the Cleveland Cavs were doing in the NBA playoffs.

Next up.

Corey = 3+6+9+5+7 = 30
Kluber = 2/11+3+3+2+5+9 = 24/33
Corey Kluber = 54/63 (Baseball = 54) (Jonathan Lester) (October 29 leaves 63-days left)

Corey = 3+15+18+5+25 = 66 (Curse) (World Series)
Kluber = 11+12+21+2+5+18 = 69
Corey Kluber = 135 (The Key of David)

He was born on April 10, 1986, the 100th day of the year.  Playoffs = 100

4/10/1986 = 4+10+19+86 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David) (Master Plan)
4/10/1986 = 4+10+(1+9+8+6) = 38 (Murphy) (Cubs would be 3-8 in World Series if they won)
4/10/1986 = 4+1+0+1+9+8+6 = 29 (Cubs would be 2-9 in World Series if they lost)
4/10/86 = 4+10+86 = 100 (Playoffs) (Born on 100th day of the year)

Today marks 171-days from his birthday.

Kluber is currently 3-1 in the postseason.  He has a chance to become 4-1, in 'Game Four'.

It should be noted that Game 4 is where the "Curse of the Billygoat" began for the Cubs in 1945, 71-years ago.  Tonight's game comes 102-days from the Manager of the Cubs' birthday, or a span of 103-days.  Billygoat = 103


  1. How might this factor in?

  2. Replies
    1. U again fuc boy...pull up in traffic on ya bitch ass u no da rest...hide behind your key board.. We all no wat u are..homo

    2. Mike = 38 (Death)(Jew)
      Mike Manning = 221 (The Bavarian Illuminati)
      MM = 13 13 or 4 4 (Kill = 44)(13 Illuminati bloodlines)

      Fuck off troll.

  3. Looking good for the Cubs tonight.

    CBS News posted TODAY that Hillary Clinton leads 47% to Donald Trump's 45% in the Presidential election.

  4. This series is going Cubs in six period

  5. John Lackey is pitching for the Cubs tonight, Zach, not Lester

  6. This game should be interesting. I really think Indians take this one and go up 3-1. Then one of two things happen. Cubs win series 4-3 or Indians win series 4-1. Cubs do what Cavaliers did in finals or Indians finish with postseason record of 11-2 for 112th WS. That's just my thought. Anything can happen though.

    1. Yup i like cle in 6. Been saying from day 1 cubs wont win this yr

    2. That's a good catch with the possible record of 11-2, Nick. I think Zach was thinking it would go 7 games because game 7 would be on 11/2 for 112th WS. For Cleveland to go 11-2, the Cubs would finish 8-7 in the postseason, I believe. Any significance to the number 87?

    3. Clinton = 87
      Hilary is from Chicago

  7. The curse starting 71 years ago from this game tonight, I think, is the biggest factor. Either Cubs lose tonight and tomorrow there will be headlines that the curse is still alive. Or, Cubs win to break the curse and go on to win series. I think the Cubs lose though, then everyone starts thinking the curse is still alive thinking the Cubs won't come back down 3-1. When they do, vegas will bank.

    1. Then Vegas will have to pay out all those Cubs futures. Not alot of ppl are betting on the Indians when I look at the data

  8. I found another 127, 523 connection with Cleveland's pitcher. Corey Kluber is 11,160 days old. According to the 13 Moon Calendar, he would be 30 years 240 days in age. If we add 240 to or subtract 124 days from his birthday it falls on 12/7 = 5/23 (13MC). (127 = 31st prime) The 99th prime is 523 and 99 = Illinois. Keep in mind that the 13 Moon Calendar is only 364 days and July 25th is omitted. The Cubs' pitcher is a few years older and the dates for him are 12/10 = 5/26.

  9. I took Chicago Cubs -1 1/2.

    If it doesn't happen, at least I gave it a shot.

    It just seems like the night for a Cubs breakout game.

  10. In 1988 dodgers/lakers won it all, this was Also 14 years before 2002.

  11. If Cubs lose tonight I would put money on them to win the series. That's where you'll get the most value.

    1. Just like how you kissed your ranger lunch $ goodbye?

  12. Zach u dont even know whose pitchibg tonight. Just give up

  13. cubs win win tonight

    my nfl picks
    jags 2-5 titans 4-4
    chiefs 4-3 colts 4-4
    lions 4-4 texans 5-3
    jets 2-6 browns 1-7
    redskins 4-4 bengals4-4
    patriots 7-1 buffalo 4-4
    chargers 4-4 broncos 5-3
    vikings 6-2 bears 2-6
    raiders 5-3 bucs 4-3
    packers 4-3 falcons 5-3
    seahawks 4-2-1 saints 3-4
    cards 4-4-1 panthers 1-7
    eagles 5-2 cowboys 5-2

  14. I don't think browns have one yet but week eight equals 93. I have jets losing to the browns. I also think Cardinals and Panthers will tie. Titans already won. Too many numbers point to cowboys winning.

  15. Josh Tomlin equaled Game 3. Lackey equals Game four. I think Cubs win tonight

  16. But the news usually does something that tells you who wins so based on Chicago being in the news makes me think that the Indians will in. My pick is Indians. The curse (Kluber) continues

  17. their is so much shit pointing to both teams , why bother betting this game or series if u haven't already.

  18. Carlos Santana now has 3 hrs and 3 RBIs. I think that might be it for him in those two categories.

  19. Zach!
    A man wearing a pink jersey with the number 69 named Ledger!!! He turned to the crowd to show the camera his number and name!


  20. Stand up to cancer = 57 = World Series
    Stand up for = 44 = Kill

    They just did a tribute/ceremony thing during the game for "Stand Up 2 Cancer" and everyone in the stands and players all had a black card that said "Stand Up 4" and they all wrote in who they stand up for on the card.

  21. Well, I got that one wrong. Can't win them all.

    Just cannot see Cleveland winning the World Series. It would send a huge message to me that Clinton is out and Trump wins.

    Next up... NFL Sunday.

    Come on Colts/Patriots/Browns. Save my weekend.

    1. Indians can win and Hillary can still win. Its stupid to think its that simple, or even connected.

    2. Ya , Ive been thinking that too...But Trump has a chance to win , we need a president to divide the country more, Like Obama (black/white) as Hillary would be a boring president cuz everyone hates her, whereas 50% of people love trump and 50% Hate him, thats what our country needs, from our lovely JEW Leaders

    3. And I just can't see Chicago winning it. I can see a narrative for Cle in 5 or Cle in 7. Go back up and read Nicholas McPherson's first post. If Cleveland wins tomorrow (game 5), they will win the WS with postseason record of 11-2 in the 112th WS. The Cubs (assuming they don't come back from down 7-1 tonight) would finish 8-7 in the postseason. Clinton = 87. So the Cubs losing could would be like a sacrifice for the presidential election. sacrifice = 46, Chicago Cubs = 46. Also, Francona was born on the 112th day of the year. I guess he could "fall on his number," but I think he wins the 112th World Series, either with a record of 11-2 (in game 5) or on the DATE 11/2 (in game 7).

    4. Nice catch Cool Hand Luke, I'm thinking we got this all figured out now. Cubs will definitely win next year @ 108 SEASONS instead, along with winning for Clinton next year to tribute her winning AFTER she's sworn in.

  22. This is what I had after game 1, assuming Lester had pitched game 4.

    Indians postseason 7-1, with sweep 11-1 (111)
    Cubs postseason 7-3, get swept 7-7 (77)
    Cubs World series record 19-33, get swept 19-37 (37)
    Jon Lester = 37
    Jon Lester Bday Jan 7, 7/1 - Indians 7-1 postseason, swept 11-1 (111) Jon Bday 1+7+19+84= 111
    Jon Lester started NLCS Game 1 with 77 pitches, and 5th game 108 pitches, post season record could be 7-7 on their 108 year drought.
    If CUbs lose first 3 games, maybe Lester starts game 4 and gets swept.

    Now that I know Lester is pitching game 5, this can be the narrative.
    Cubs finish season with 111 wins, lesters birth numerology.
    Indians finish 105 wins, masonry = 105
    Indians post season 11-2, 112th World Series
    Cubs 8-7 Clinton = 87
    Indians win 4-1, reflection 14. It's been 14 years since two teams in major sports won a championship in the same year, 14 years before that as well. 88 and 02 and this year 16.

    1. Forgot, also Indians post season total would be 55 wins and Cubs I believe 45.

    2. My thinking is this. And its been this since before Game 1. Indians win.

      If Cubs win then its HEAVILY rigged. Anyone that knows baseball and aint blind can clearly see Cleveland is a much better team.

      dont let the gematria blind you guys. No way the elites will let you decipher the codimg by watching a few youtube videos. No shade to the community. But think about it the coding these elites do wont be undone by simple gematria

    3. You must be new around here. Zach has been spot on, on a lot of predictions, and if it was an incorrect prediction that team was in the championship. It's not exact science, but it was done by gematria. Zach proves this can be done.

      Oh wait it must be coincidence...

    4. Now THAT's some analysis, Wildfire. Especially like the two teams from same city winning major sports championships in the same year 14 years apart. Thanks.

      I had an extraneous thought... we call the American League the "AL" and the National League the "NL." Now, if you put those in a gematria calculator, it will just give you 13 (or reduced to 4) for AL (for example). Except it's not a word. We don't say "Al" like it's a name. We say the initials. A = 1, L = 12. So the American League (AL) wins the 112th World Series? Just a thought.

      Before you scoff, the 13th World Series was won by the Chicago White Sox (A=1,L=3 reduced). And the 53rd World Series was won by the Milwaukee Braves of the NL (N=5, L=3 reduced).

    5. Of course, that could just be a coincidence... ;)

  23. Cubs Finns rise guy just like King James did lol

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I have a theory on what's going on in this series and after tomorrow's game I will have it confirmed or debunked. I don't want to post the whole theory until after the series ends and only if I'm right.

    I will say though that the away team has won all games except 1 and there's something special about that day I found that may explain it.


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