Sunday, October 30, 2016

45 54 126 | The symmetry of '45' and '54' in the language of Gematria


  1. Wow. I thought forty-six was the only number that when written out summed to itself.


    Trump mask $4,500 or (45)

  3. Interesting! I was researching the word "Worship" today and it equals 45! It also =108, which has 54 as a divisor. Kind of neat...

    Just for fun, I looked up the hebrew words for worship, there are 7 of them, but the first one I found was "Barak" which has to do with having a continual conscious giving place to god, or to be attuned to him and his presence. So it's referring to resonance in my interpretation and the "Schumann Resonance" which is the resonance of the earth has gematria of 1122 and what caught my eye was that hebrew word Barak had similar gematria:
    "בָּרָק" in the Hebrew Gematria system equals 302 (2+200+100) (See the 221)

    Save"בָּרָק" in the Hebrew Sofits system equals 302 (2+200+100) (221 again)

    Save"בָּרָק" in the Hebrew Ordinal system equals 41 (2+20+19) (2219)

    Save"בָּרָק" in the Hebrew Reduction system equals 5 (2+2+1) 221

    "Harmonic" and "The Bavarian Illuminati" both also =221
    Just thought that was kind of interesting. It caught my eye when I saw the 45 because I had been looking at that number quite a bit today!

  4. regarding your youtube video on this subject, Matt Ryan's 33rd game winning drive October 30, 2016- Falcons 33, Packers 32 +Brett Favre tribute,

    remember the university of georgia (ATL) football helmet logo as identical to that of the green bay packers (WI) ...


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