Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NBA Opening Week Discussion Thread, October 25, 2016 - October 31, 2016

If you catch anything, share it here!  Thank you truth seekers.  If we work together, we will crack the codes more successfully and efficiently.


  1. Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics

    Nets going for their 66th win against the Celtics on the day that leaves 66 days left in the year.

  2. Pelicans wearing black 31 patches - tribute to ex player who was shot - bryce-dejean-jones

  3. I have a question for anyone: How do you break down an NBA Game Gematria-Wise? - I know how to do it for Baseball & NFL. Does anyone have or know of an NBA Gematria Blog/Website?

    1. Probably the same way and break down the teams all star players.

    2. I tried to decode most of the games today but i failed lol. I found very little connections. Not like the NFL games.

  4. Diffrent sport same Zionist bullshit
    Ronnie hillman is on the Vikings now,they play on Monday night football this Monday on Halloween 10/31 (131). I been wondering when hillmans breakout game will be since he's comming off a Super Bowl win with Broncos.

    He changed his number to #33
    From bday 9/14 to mnf game on 10/31 is 47 days
    We know how they pair 33 and 47 all the time
    October thirty first=97/106
    97 days from 10/31 to sb51

    Ronnie hillman= 144
    Birthday is on 9/14 that is 144 days to the Super Bowl
    Ronnie Keith hillman=197
    One hundred and ninety seven=144 v&s

    (Bday)Fourteenth of September =112 s and 256 (2X56=112)

    He longest run came last year week 4 10/4 when he was with the Broncos vs the Vikings it was a 72 yard run.
    Ronnie hillman=72

  5. Did anyone else catch Anderson Cooper emphasizing " Shift in the Polls" and then he would reverse it " Why the sudden Poll shift"
    About trumps new leaf in Florida.
    I started thinking about the Italy Earth quake or the Big one in Cali.

  6. Okc vs phi
    Tribute to Kevin durant and his number 35. With 35.0 seconds left in the game Westbrook gets a bogus shooting foul call and scored the 99th point and they went to commercial

    Kevin Wayne durant =99 k and v exception

  7. lakers game and Luke waltons first game as a head coach 10/26 was a tribute to Bill Walton
    Lakers 120 rockets 114 -total points 234
    Bill Walton =120 (lakers total points)
    One hundred and twenty=234 (total points scored)
    Bill Walton born 11/5/52
    November fifth fifty two=114 (rockets total points)
    Bills bday 11/5 is 222 days after Luke's 3/28 bday or total span of 223
    Bill Walton is 63 years old and Luke Walton is 36

    Again I'm trippin out on 115 and 523
    115 only has one factorization and that is 5x23
    And may 23rd (5/23) is the 143rd day of the year

    Bill waltons bday november 5 looks like 115
    From Luke's bday 3/28/16 to bills bday 11/5/16 is 222 (5/23 leaves 222 days left in the year)
    From bills bday 11/5/2016 to Luke's 37th bday 3/28/2017 is 143 days


    1. On 1/20/2016 bills former team the Celtics played Toronto Raptors
      Celtics 109 raptors 115 total points=224
      115 like Bill waltons birthday 11/5
      Bill Walton=120 like the date (1/20)
      Luke Theodore Walton=224
      Toronto Raptors=224
      January 20th seems like an unofficial Bill Walton day!
      Bill Walton day January twentieth =121
      On January 21 2017 (121) what do you know?? The Celtics play the trailblazers the 2 teams Bill Walton is known for playing at.

    2. 523 is the 99th prime
      Portland trailblazers=99
      Trailblazers=143 (143rd day is 5/23)
      He wore the numbers 5 and 32 he whole career .

      He seems connected to 33 as well
      Drafted out of the 33rd state (Oregon)
      Retired with "Boston Celtics"=156 (thirty three=156)
      The waltons=137 (137 is 33rd prime)
      Day twenty=137

      From Bill waltons tribute today 10/26 to his next tribute game with Celtics vs trailblazers 1/21 is 87 days
      Born 11/5/1952

  8. I discovered that Buddmism and Baphomet have the same numbers 35/80.

    The Satanic Temple spokesman compares Satanism with Buddhism in a article that came out in today.


    1. Nice Tal, you shall come and read our site - we did tremendous research as to which Gematria really works and why = check at, would love to hear your feedback as well.

  9. Our FREE Pick for today - we won last night again:

  10. Our NBA FREE Pick for tonight:

    1. The line is -8 and your pick is a -2 alternate line. SMH *shrugs*

  11. Bulls opening night vs Celtics

    Interesting placement. Wade with the LeBron connection during the world series. The 2 cursed baseball cities and Rondo being on both. Sure there's more


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