Friday, October 28, 2016

11 | FBI reopens Clinton email probe, October 28, 2016, 11-days before the election

Wolf came on with the news at 1:11 EST.

There is a typo below.  It isn't FBI Director.  It is FBI PUPPET.
In 11 days, the nation will vote on one an election that has been boiled down to two things; Hillary's email, and Donald's groping.  It's tragic.


  1. Looking for a bullet in the head.. Obama is not going anywhere.. She may win but noway she gets sworn in.... We will see..

    1. yup, suspended elections. obama reelected and world war 3 next year

    2. WW3 has been going on since we were all born. It's the war for your attention and belief. These things are the real money in this world.

      Think hard about what u believe to be true. Don't reinforce what you don't want to happen by believing it to be inevitable, FOCUS (hocus pocus) on what u would prefer instead. That's my advice anyway.

  2. Hillary has been connected with aliens since she was first lady. She's been photographed carrying books about UFOs aND has been quoted as saying she thinks they r already here. I think those emails might be the way they will further the alien narrative.

    Arkansas figures into it somehow. They have a lot of crystals and diamonds all kinds of minerals in that state.

    This election has been SO bizarre. I keep comparing the first Clinton presidency back in the nineties to now. All those Weekly World News tabloid stories i used to laugh about dont seem that ridiculous anymore.


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