Friday, October 28, 2016

88 | Trump Jr. helps stranded motorist in Arizona, October 27, 2016 propaganda news by the numbers

38 minutes?  The fictional story takes place in Mesa.

4:20?  April 20 is the 110th day of the year  President = 110

It is so pathetic how the media runs these stories, of celebrities helping stranded motorists, that are completely fictional.  This is an old tactic by the propaganda based press.  They use these stories often with athletes...  As a child, I often remember the news reporting about how a Portland Trailblazer had helped a stranded motorist.  As a child, I used to think, "Wow, that sure does happen a lot!"

The point of this propaganda is to dupe the masses into liking assholes, such as scumbag politicians, or even overpaid athletes, who sellout the fans, all of them, even the little kids.

As for the gematria of the name used in the tweet, it connects to 'Trump', go figure.


  1. "Her clunker was probably blocking his air-conditioned limo ... what an asshole for not giving her ride -- leaving her stranded like that in 100 degree heat!"

    THAT'S the response this SHOULD evoke!! What a crock of unmitigated bullshit.

    Sounds like a story lifted from a 1930's road trip comedy -- The Travails of Traveler Trump. Maybe this is the brainchild of a 90 year old donor -- so rich they couldn't block him. I swear it reeks of some ancient movie mogul insisting:

    "I know vat de peoplez vant. Vee say he helped a lady in distress. Don't be a putz -- vee don't have to SHOW it -- vee TELL zem vat happened. Zey vill fill in ze blanks. Zis iz Hollywood!"

    Egads -- they DIDN'T kill off Dustin Hoffman's character at the end of "Wag The Dog"!
    Stanley Motss is ALIVE!!!
    Lol, lol ;D :D


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