Saturday, October 29, 2016

46 57 73 174 | Joe Biden's remarks on Anthony Weiner, running for President & the May 30, 2015 death of his son Beau Biden

As I pointed out yesterday, the Anthony Weiner story was synched up with the World Series.

World Series = 57; Jews = 57

It is interesting how he says he didn't run because his son died.  His son passed at age 46, the 'Chicago' number.  Of course, Hillary is from Chicago.  He passed May 30, 2015.

His son passed 174-days before Joe Biden's 73rd birthday, November 20, 2015.  That is the New World Order number.  And again, let us not forget how Joe's original family died just before his political career began.

With regards to his son dying at age 46, just before his 73rd birthday, those are numbers of sacrifice.


  1. It's comical we're being reminded of Anthony weiner right around the time that the first femal president ascends the throne. Sounds like a joke to me.

  2. Anthony weiner is the symbolical hot dog. He's hawt and bothered/horny = fertility/breeding/adding/+++
    but hes also a dog that goes after virgins (the 15 year old) therefore a good scapegoat.

  3. Holy shit guys, get this. Anyone familiar with Matthew Nicholson's prediction of 11/26 for a possible staged assassination of Hillary? Which of course would put it AFTER the election but BEFORE the electoral college meeting in December. It turns out there is zero protocol set forth for this occurrence, which of course would lead to pandemonium. Well it just so happens that a political insider, Jeff Greenfield, with a June 10th birthday (10/6, prophecy), wrote a novel about this very thing happening (not an assassination, but the president-elect dying of a "head injury").

    From that book's release on New Years Day 1995 to the 11/26 target date is a fat 8000 days on the nose. Hillary Clinton = 800 Jewish, the king method! The paperback released on a date with 106 numerology (Clinton's last tax return showed an income of $10.6 million, and the DNC began 106 days before the election).

    The book's full title, "The People's Choice: A Cautionary Tale" = 330/133, the author has a life lesson number of 33, the target date 11/26 is the 330th/331st day of the year, and of course Clinton = 33.

    The book's ominous tagline, “Read this while it's still fiction” = 157 (jewish reduced, most definitely in use, in case you aren't using it), the dead president-elect MacArthur Foyle = 57 (jewish reduced), and Hillary has a 57 life lesson number. There is even more, but I'll leave it there for now. Simply mind boggling.

    1. I think our friend Dex just found a REAL Clue. We know how these things are already written into films & books. Now we have our Script.

      The Beau Biden death was faked - if you remember he got brain cancer out of nowhere, & quickly died....but not really ;) Also recall that John Kerry had a "Bike Accident" that almost (should have) killed him the day of Beau's Funeral.

      Regarding Matty Nichs - he hasn't impressed me, & he changed his prediction from WW3 on 11/26 to a Nuclear Disaster on 11/26 to now a Hillary Assass on 11/26.

      I've learned 1st hand that predicting assassination is the fastest way to lose credibility - not doing it anymore. But I will say Zach has done the best work on this subject, & has solid reasons for why the 44th Pres has #'s for such a tragedy.

    2. Oh no doubt, I don't trust him any further than I can throw him, but that 8000 was just too enticing a rabbit hole to resist!

    3. Eight Thousand Days =1117. Hillary Rodham =711. Both of those in Jewish Gematria.

  4. Biding his Time=128(Seven Eleven), 322J

    1. Good things come to those who wait--355, **2130**


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