Saturday, October 29, 2016

135 | The Corey Kluber, Josh Tomlin, "Wrigley Field" COINCIDENCE


In case you don't know, the first two visiting pitchers to face the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field in the history of Major League Baseball, are Josh Tomlin and Corey Kluber.  (In 1945, the Cubs field was not named Wrigley)


  1. Just heard O'Dell say something like ,This is what someones Name must feel like after winning the purple bear. Purple bear =51. Was a Pepsi commercial. Not exactly worded but purple bear was for sure.

  2. The sell out Tom Morello from rage is going to do something before the game on FOX channel no wonder Zack de la rocha didn't want to collab with him again.

    Prophets of rage=88

  3. All these games are starting at 7:08 CST, aka 19:08 military time, a la their last championship.

    Too many 13s for the Cubs last night in the 9th. Koe Buck says, "The Cubs are 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position"...the next pitch is Allen's 13th, which is an Indians error. Next up was Javier Baez.

    Javier Baez = 45 / 99
    Thirteen = 45 / 99

    He struck out with Chris Coghlan (CC / 33) on 3rd and #22 Jason Heyward (J = 10, H = 8, 108) on 2nd base.

  4. Santana just went yard. Interesting because I considered that he might have a home run tonight as another 33 tribute. Carlos now has 3 home runs and 3 RBIs in the postseason.

  5. Indians take the lead on the 47th pitch (Ohio=47)

  6. That T-mobile promotion in the 3rd inning was foreshadowing what happened in the inning;

    The promotion is called 'unlimited baseball' 62 R and 71 S-exception like the world series drought for the cubs.

    They announced some winner at the start of the 3rd inning when it was 'Two to one' 127 O
    He said how the 127 people in that section also won some minor prizes.
    127 is the 31st prime
    'T-mobile'=31 R
    The score then went to 3-1 Indians

    1. Also gotta love the fact their CEO John Legere was wearing a jersey with the #69 'Kluber'=69

    2. I'm thinking if the Cubs are to win the series or at least tonight Kris Bryant will have a big moment. Everybody makes up for their mistakes in this league. He made 2 errors in 2nd inning

    3. It looks like Indians will win this one, I really want to see if they fuck the cleveland fans the same way they fucked the golden state fans. Have the cubs come back to win games 5,6, and 7 like the cavs did, idk if they're gonna be that blatant though.

    4. The Cubs have no fire. And this is in Wrigley Field, of all places. What is going on with them?

    5. Also their last WS win and WS loss are interesting why I still think cubs could win the series;

      Basic numerology dictates they should win;

      Last Win: 1908 (1+9+0+8=18, 1+8=9)
      Last Loss: 1945 (1+9+4+5=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1)
      This year: 2016 (2+0+1+6=9)
      Not conventional but last win/loss/this year break down to 919 which is the 157th prime which is the 37th prime (Chicago=37) or if you look at as loss/win/this year (1/9/9) then 199 is the 46th prime (chicago=46,chicago cubs=46)

      It's also been 108 years (1+0+8=9)

    6. Good breakdown CantStopGeorge, and I don't think having the Cubs coke back from down 3-1 is all that blatant compared to other things they've done. I know there will be plenty of fans that fall for it because I used to be that way. Until I found Zach

    7. Thanks ben, also just realized this in Regards to Legere and Kluber;

      Lackey is wearing #41 and Kluber is wearing #28.
      41+28=69 like the jersey number Legere had on and (Kluber=69 O)

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  7. 3-1 like Lebrons age and the Cavs were down 3-1 and like the series is about to be 3-1

  8. Zach!
    A man wearing a pink jersey with the number 69 named Ledger!!! He turned to the crowd to show the camera his number and name!


  9. Greed L= Sin

    Hillary + Trump = Hubris cnn from page

    Zack the seven deadly sins!

  10. Game 5 things that stand out to me;

    Chicago=81 Jewish Gematria
    Lester wears #34 and Bauer wears #47, 34+47=81
    Bauer is pitching 79,80 days before his next birthday
    'Lester'=79 O 'Jonathan Tyler Lester'=80 R

    Lester is pitching 69 days before his next birthday, 'Kluber'=69 O and won today and Legere wore jersey #69, maybe Lester wins and gets redemption for his game 1 loss.

  11. Did anyone notice in the tribute they gave Andrew Miller in the 8th inning. They said he made 8 appearances and won 8 games (like 88) and then gave up a home run in his next pitch. I use to be oblivious to this but now I can see that they're mocking us in front of our faces.

  12. They just showed a stat about Jason Kipnis. He's the 3rd player to hit a 3-run hr in the World Series at Wrigley field.

    1. 'Kipnis'=33 R
      'Jason Kipnis' = 137 O, 137 is the 33rd prime number.

      Fits the script, why he's the one to hit the HR.

  13. 81 teams have been behind 3-1 in a best-of-seven playoff series. 12 teams have come back to win the series. 5 teams in World Series play.

    Cubs down 3-1, 13 reflection, can they be the 13th team or 6th team to overcome a 3-1 deficit? 13 is the 6th prime number.

    44 teams down 3-1 needed to win the final two games away from home, and 6 teams have done it. The Cubs came in the 2016 World Series at 44 post season wins all time, they're sitting at 45 wins, Can the Cubs be the 45th team? Can the Cubs be the "7th" team to win a series down 3-1 and need to win two on the road? The Indians have lost 3x in a row on "7" different occasions in 2016.

    This year the Cubs 3+ win streak is totaled at 16. Can they make it their 17th, reflection 71?

    Check out my Indians narrative in Zachs game 4 preview.
    I'll add to it here, 81 teams to go up 3-1 are 40-41 in Game 5. If Indians do close it out, 82 teams will be 41-41 in game 5, 14 reflection, 14 years since two major teams in the same city won the ship, 88, 04, 16.

    1. Interesting enough both teams came in with 44 post season wins before the start of this years post season.

    2. Chicago=81 Jewish Gematria
      Tomorrow's matchup: Lester wears #34 and Bauer wears #47, 34+47=81

      Ohio is the 17th state,

      On the contrary though the multiple champs involving MLB/NBA in 88' 02' and possibly '16 adds up to 106 (prophecy), 88+2+16=106

  14. the Indians have held the last three top offensive teams to just 22 runs that's a record.
    Their pitching is superior according to the rigged media.

    I still think Cubs come back to at least tie it at 3-3.

    Game 7


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