Monday, October 31, 2016

85 | ESPN's NFL Halloween story, Tom Brady in unchartered waters... and dominating

85 seconds?

National Football League = 85

Patriots were beaten 46-10, by the revolutionary 4-6 Defense of the Chicago Bears, in the '85-'86 Super Bowl.  Chicago = 46


  1. Nothing NFL related has me more angry then people talking about Tom Brady being the greatest of all time. I live in Pennsylvania and the Brady fans are all over my school. None of them can see through it. Not even the teachers. There are a lot of QBs that are mobile in the pocket. Tom ain't one of them. But no one seems to notice outside this blog in my life.

    1. Ben , I live in CT and Pats fans are everywhere....Of course nobody was a fan before 2001...I never saw a pats jersey back then. Like the 70s Steelers and Cowboys, the next generation will be all Patriots and they will suck lol

    2. Yea Pats, Eagles, and Dallas with a little bit of Giants make up the crowd where I live. I'm sure it was different before 9/11.

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  3. The games are rigged , this team is a fraud , Brady is a fraud but for some odd reason it still burns some people who know the truth.

    Brady is 4-6 in SB
    Bradford #8 cutler #6 may be a tribute to the 85-86 bears but Brady has no connections

    He's 23-3 vs bills and 9 wins 4 losses vs Rex Ryan. Buddy Ryan defense was the 46 I see that connection too.


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