Friday, September 9, 2016

33 67 106 113 137 223 | North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple deploys National Guard to oil pipeline protest, September 8, 2016

Notice the headline is a reshuffling of the gematria of 'Defend the Sacred'.

As for 211, it is the 47th prime, connecting to this story, about a federal JUDGE.

The judge has the perfect name for a fraud.  Remember, your courts are owned by the Masons and Zionists.

The way they phrase the 'Gov.' of North Dakota also has the gematria of '113', most likely not by coincidence.

Interestingly enough, both men have names summing to '50', like 'America'.

It should be noted the Governor deployed the 'National Guard' on the absolutely perfect date, a date with '33' numerology.

9/8/16 = 9+8+16 = 33

Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Order = 33; Federal = 33

One can only wonder if using Lake Oahe as the measuring point is more Freemason symbology.

As for the tribe participating in this protest, sadly, Freemasonry has even infiltrated many of the tribe leadership in this nation.  This tribe happens to have the 'prophecy' gematria.

Prophecy = 106; Destroy = 106

Again, Revelation is the book of 'prophecy', and Revelation has gematria of 49/67/121.  The '67' and '121' connect to the motto, 'Defend the Sacred'.

Doesn't the phrase chairman of the tribe sound all wrong?

The name of the Pipeline is also interesting.


  1. I was wondering what you thought about this event. I've seen a lot on social media about it and I've been following. That's really disheartening go hear that freemasonry has even infiltrated some of the few remaining tribes. I've always been a huge advocate of the natives, their way of life, and the spiritual wisdom some of their leaders like Tecumseh or sitting bull possessed. I can see how freemasonry has influenced the natives desire to build casinos and sell "firewater."

    1. Yes, my dad's mother is half native (and from North Dakota) so it is disheartening to see.

  2. Difficult to add to this post. Well Done!

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  4. There's a few other things, but nothing earth shaking. Its just another buncha bullshit.

  5. This is a joint venture partially owned by Sunoco. The group protesting did the same for the Keystone pipeline.

    Sunoco = 33
    Keystone = 33

    The pipeline is supposed to cross the Missouri River and ends at Patoka, Illinois. The oil-rich area in the Dakotas is called the Bakken.

    Missouri River = 96
    Patoka = 64
    Patoka, Illinois = 64
    Bakken = 44

    1. The sheriff in Morton County has issued an arrest warrant for Jill Stein for vandalism.

      Morton County = 58

      And let's not forget these pipelines always involve the use of eminent domain.

      Eminent Domain = 64

  6. Protest = 113
    Protests = 33
    Activism = 33/96
    Activist = 58
    Native American Activism = 96/105
    Army Corps = 47

  7. Tribal chairman, Dave Archambault II is a masonic member of the Star In The West Lodge no.33 "DAPL" = 33. The militarized law enforcement here is actually the National Fraternity (Freemason) Order of Police.