Thursday, December 8, 2016

77 88 113 239 | December 8, 2016 news, Donald Trump to remain as 'executive producer' of Celebrity Apprentice

Remember, they're calling Donald Trump the first Jewish president.

Also remember, the mainstream media just had the story where Donald Trump said "you're fired" to one of his transition team members, 33-year old 'Michael' who had a few too many tweets about 'pizza' 'gate'.

Now, some jewmatria.

Jew = 10+5+23 = 38 (Masoic) (Jewish)

The name of the show, 'The Celebrity Apprentice', is also very jewy.

*Celebrity Apprentice = 98/206

Hope Hicks?  The spokesperson for Donald Trump remaining as 'executive producer' for 'Celebrity Apprentice'.  HH = 88

Hope Hicks = 49/58/94 (Washington = 49/58) (58th Presidential Election)
Hope = 44 (Donald Trump, 44th man to be President)