Friday, February 3, 2017

42 44 58 | Room 237, documentary dissecting Stanley Kubrick & 'The Shining' in light of U.S. Genocide, Moon Landing 7 Holocaust

Room 237 is a film about Stanley Kubrick, and which focuses on Kubrick's film The Shining, in light of his other works, the genocide of the Natives, the Holocaust and the moon landing.  The narrator states that Room 237 was the special Hollywood set that was used to fake the moon landing, directed by Stanley Kubrick, and that is why he titled his film as such.

The title word 'Shining' is definitely right to explore these topics, 'genocide' and 'space'.

The film takes a firm stance that the footage of the moon landing was faked, but perhaps not the moon landing itself.  Armstrong = 44; Cancer = 44 (Landing in time of Cancer, in '69...)

Near the start of the film, the narrator connects '42' to a number of things, from space to the Holocaust.  He focuses on how the Holocaust, the supposed execution of the 6,000,000 Jews, began in 1942, emphasis on '42.

Notice how 'Holocaust' has gematria of '42'.

Notice also how 'Outer Space' sums to 42, as well as 51 and 123 like 'conspiracy'.

'42' is the special Freemason number.

Later in the film, the narrator makes a point about how the moon is an average distance of 237,000 miles from the earth each year, where the numbers can be multiplied 2x3x7 = 42.

Here in the  film, he mentions that the 58th minute of The Shining shows the boy with the Apollo rocket on his sweater.  He does not bring up the fact that NASA was established in '58 however, he just makes the point about the 58th minute and the Apollo rocket, which made me wonder about the director.  After all, how do you get your film on Netflix?  And why bring up the 58th minute of the film shows this, but then make no other mention of 58?  It isn't that he points out the specific minutes of scenes in the movie throughout, this is one of few occasions.

I still need to finish the film, but it is worth a watch if you enjoy this study.