Tuesday, March 21, 2017

13 68 99 117 144 523 | The CIA, Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller & Donald Trump?

Knowing who the Rockefellers are and realizing they have more influence than the U.S. Government, I thought this Gematria was interesting.

Has anyone ever told you the United States of America is a corporation?  It is true, because it has a constant incentive to pay off debt, like a business.

I've been thinking about this '117' and how often we see this number next to Mr. Trump over the last two years.  It was huge in the Orlando shooting.

The Orlando shooting was on David Rockefeller's 101st birthday, June 12, 2016.

A false flag for his last gift... think about it.  False Flag = 33/42; Birthday = 42

Anyhow, David Rockefeller was a banker, and Charlotte is the banker capital of the United States.  On the wall of Bank of America tower in Charlotte is this strange painting, with a suspicious young blonde boy.  See below.  Did you know that Barron Trump, Donald Trump's son he had at age 59, turned 11 the day David Rockefeller died at 101?  March 20, 2017?

Is that a picture of Trump as a boy in the Charlotte Bank Tower?
I've been looking at this mural since 2013 or longer

 John D. Rockefeller died May 23, 1937, emphasis on the 5/23.

5/23/1937 = 5+23+19+37 = 84 (United States of America) (Jesuit) (Masonry) (Secrecy)

Remember, Donald Trump became a TV celebrity in 1984.  Read that book, 1984.

The Bavarian Illuminati was established May 1, 1776, just before the formation of the United States of America.  It was established by 13 families.

5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99 (Thirteen = 99)

Remember, the USA began with 13-colonies.  There's 13-stripes on the flag.  Worse yet, there's 13-years of public school programming.

ALSO, here is big revelation.  You know how we're always saying 1968 was a huge year?  Well guess what else connects to '68?  You guessed it, CIA.

Related, Rockefeller's 1967 Newsweek cover:

You know what else connects to 1968?  The man with the tallest of his towers reaching 68-floors.

Remember how George H.W. Bush was the head of the CIA until he became Vice President and then President?  Remember how his son became President not long after him, just in time for September 11?

In 1968...

9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code
WTC construction began in August, New York City
George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones

Notice from Bush's 55th birthday to September 11, 2001 was 68-days.

From the anniversary of David Rockefeller's death until the anniversary of September 11 is 5 months and 23 days, a lot like John D. Rockefeller's May 23, or 5/23 death.

Again, 523, the 99th prime.

John died 47-days from his own birthday.  John = 47

The Tropics are 47 degrees apart, at 23.5º N and 23.5 Sº.

The date May 23 can be written 23/5, something like 23.5º.

The Freemason Compass and Square is set at 47º.

ALSO, David Rockefeller just died at age 101.  Checkout the ALW cipher value for 'Standard Oil',  It is none other than 101.

The Cleveland Cavs three stars scored 101-points the night before his death.

Death of David Rockefeller at 101:
Death of John Rockefeller at 97, on May 27 & Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella Records:
David Rockefeller & Queen Elizabeth:
The Cleveland Cavs 101-points from the Big 3 the night: