Thursday, March 23, 2017

47 71 79 94 | Chris Mack, born December 30, 1969, Cleveland, Ohio (Xavier head coach)

Notice Chris Mack is 47-years old, coaching Xavier in Ohio.

Ohio = 47; Time = 47; Cleveland, OH = 47

Notice also he was born in Cleveland, December 30, the same day LeBron James has for his birthday.  The Cavs are in their 47th season this year.

Again, this is the 79th Men's Tournament.

The brackets were announced on the 71st day of the year, March 12.  The tournament always has a heavy Catholic / Jesuit theme.

The college tournament is often themed with the NBA.

Chris Mack's 47th birthday is 94-days before the championship, a number connected to 'championship' and 'World Series'.  We just saw the Cleveland Indians lose to the Chicago Cubs, and you might recall how the Indians and Cavs seasons were related last year.

World Series = 57/147

'94' was a huge number for the Cubs last season, and Bill Murray, the Cubs fan, is also the Xavier fan.