Monday, June 5, 2017

25 27 71 85 122 216 | Bulls swept Cavs in 2016-17 NBA Season & why Warriors might sweep Cavs in NBA Finals

You have to love that the Cavs and Bulls are 85-122 against each other all-time, in light of them being connected to the Ghost Ship riddle, the December 2, 2016 fire in Oakland.

Don't forget, Oakland is on the 122nd Meridian.

December 2, or 12/2.  12/2... 122

Bulls won first game of '92 NBA Finals with 122-points, 25-years ago.  Kerr = 25; Finals = 25

Steve Kerr played for Cleveland that season (1991-92):

Don't forget the Cleveland Cavaliers were swept by the Chicago Bulls in the 2016-17 season.  The first game was the night of the Ghost Ship fire, December 2, where the fire itself was a big tribute to the Great Chicago Fire.

Notice the score on December 2, it was 105-111.  (216)
Then on Jan. 4, 94-106 (Ninety-Four = 147) (Numbers connected to championship. (106...)
February 25, 99-117 (117 = Golden State Warriors = Ohio = The Godfather = Undertaker)
March 30, 93-99 (Date of Atlanta fire on Interest 85) (Oracle Arena = 93) (Thirteen = 99)

From the last Game, March 30, to the date of the potential Warriors sweep, June 9, is 71-days.  That would conclude the 71st season of the NBA, where the Warriors have been in Oakland since 1971, emphasis on '71.

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71 (First Game of NBA's 71st season)

Don't forget it was 71-years since the Chicago Cubs had been in the World Series.


Notice the season began on the 25th day of 2016.  It would end on a date with '25' numerology in the (216) area code, just like the combined score of the first Cavs and Bulls Game December.

6/9/2017 = 6+9+2+0+1+7 = 25 (Kerr) (Finals)

ALSO, from the first of four losses to the Bulls, December 2, the night of the Chicago tribute fire in Oakland, is 27-weeks, and notice the Bulls and Cavs have played 207-times in the regular season.

Cavs = 27; LeBron, 27 in Game 7, then Thurmond dead 27-days later

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