Friday, June 23, 2017

42 58 62 322 | Google promises YouTube crackdown for "extremism", June 19, 2017 +My channel banning June 23, 4-days later

This article was published June 19, 5-days after the Grenfell Tower fire.  Notice the article talks about how Theresa May, of the U.K., is spearheading a movement by international governments to crackdown on "online extremism", which of course they set the definition for.

6/19/17 = 6+19+17 = 42 (Zionism) (Freemason)
6/19/2017 = 6+19+20+17 = 62 (Mason) (Torah)

Sadly, to the sheep, this is all tolerable.  They don't question, they only follow the authority.

Of course this is because people are exposing the truth... now today, June 23, I am hit with a strike that has made it so I cannot post videos, something that hasn't happened since I exposed the hoax shooting in Virginia of the TV reporter.

Facebook = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; Jerusalem = 58; Solomon's Temple = 58

Don't ever forget the 322 page net neutrality bill from a couple years back...