Friday, June 30, 2017

An apology to Jewrassic Liars channel and everyone else I have hurt

I want to apologize to this man.  I don't want to be someone that hurts people.  I see now what the story of this man is.  He has told us he was Catholic.  He was likely sexually abused very badly as a child, without any treatment.  It is obvious his mind is in one place and this is the evidence of the trauma.  Last night this same man wrote several comments and attacks towards me just like this.  I actually deleted the chain of comments because I felt bad.  All this man talks about is homosexuality and he constantly references the male unit.  Even here.  Attacking me.  I feel bad.  He knows who the enemy is, but he also thinks people like me are the enemy which is where he is wrong.  He is just another misguided Christian.

This is what Jesus will do for you, what it has done for him, nothing.

It is belief in God and being the best you can that God cares about.  Not your fake religion.  Sure, praying to Jesus might work, just like praying to any other figure might too.  God doesn't care what you've been duped by as long as you're righteous.