Sunday, June 25, 2017

Did you know Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler (German leaders) both blamed the World Wars on Masonic & Jewish conspiracies?,_German_Emperor

England = 33; Mason = 17 (England, home of the Grand Lodge of 1717)

Adolf Hitler also argued the same things:


And fuck this Schmacks troll who showed up out of nowhere in the comments who is now here 24/7 and pretends to be a contributor while constantly spreading lies and disinfo.  Notice one of his lies is Freemasonry doesn't have anything to do with with what is going on in the world when I have documented time and time again it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.  See my work on the Lodge I visited after the Macy's shooting not far from where I live.  Undeniable what is going on in this world and that is why trolls and disinfo agents like this are abound.   It is clear who built the language, the nation, and the world of ongoing deception around us, telling us we're free while programming to tolerate enslavement.

I need to look into that July 14, 1958 outcome. Freemason = 147; Freemasonry = 58

It doesn't take much logic to understand why the people of the world, all across the earth, are against men gathering and conspiring in secret.