Monday, June 5, 2017

17 35 153 | Game 7 of 2017 NBA Finals, 153-days from Martin Luther King Jr. 35-point blowout by Warriors over Cavs (Reminder)

trav W also has thoughts about a June 9 sweep...

January 16 was the 35-point Martin Luther King Jr. Day blowout.  I have this video on it from the date of the game and why it foreshadows Warriors Cavs again.

That was the Warriors 35th win of the season, winning over King James by 35 (King James = 35)

Cavaliers = 153; Steph Curry = 153; Holy Bible = 153; Jesuit Order = 144/153

A June 9 sweep would be 144-days later.  Time = 144

Ohio, the 17th State, Cavs, the 17th team to join the NBA, from Ohio.