Thursday, June 8, 2017

51 93 141 237 | Andalusia, Spain, where Assassin's Creed film begins, 1492

Funny, I was writing away when I got a text from Jeff Young asking me to look into Andalusia, Spain because he's watching this "killer flick" Assassin's Creed and there has to be something with this location...  Notice the Gematria of 237 below, after just asking about this number on the blog... Jeff has no idea about my post.

But seriously, does that say 33,694 cubic meters?  Ha!

Notice it was once under Moorish rule.

Freemason = 51; Conspiracy = 51; Adam Weishaupt = 51; May 1, 1776, Bavarian Illuminati
Thirty-Three = 141

1492, the year Assassin's Creed begins, is the year Christopher Columbus reached the Americas, who sailed for Spain, on behalf of the Catholic Church:

If anyone wants to help more, I need to be writing!  Thank you!