Saturday, July 15, 2017

7 65 88 | The Seven Sacred Vowels & the 7 Ancient Planets +Greek history, alphabet & Music of the Spheres

Α (Alpha)
Ε (Epsilon)
Η (Eta)
I (Iota)
Ο (Omicron)
Υ (Upsilon)
Ω (Omega)

In light of seven and music, notice the gematria of seven and music.

The seven sacred vowels are important to things such as spiritual healing.  What is interesting is the gematria of the letters sum to 206, the number of bones in the human body, and these seven sacred vowels are said to activate the seven chakras of the throat, resonating with the planetary structure we exist within.

181, the 42nd prime
433, the 84th prime
593, the 108th prime (Geometry = 108 / 108)

*206, the number of bones in the body

LAST, notice the gematria / isopsephy of 'Music of the Spheres'.

Gematria of 88, made from 4 circles, the 2D sphere.