Saturday, August 4, 2018

33 48 84 | Stoneman Douglas "survivors" protest the NRA on August 4, 2018, by the numbers

6x6x6 = 216 (Today is Obama's birthday)

Let us begin with the fact that August 4 can be written 4/8, like 48.

Freemason = 48 (English and Hebrew0
Hoax = 48
Propaganda = 48
False Flag = 33 / 48

Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Zionism = 33

Don't forget Stoneman Douglas is in a very Jewish neighborhood, David Hogg is Jewish, so is the girl that looks like G.I. Jane and the lead police was Scott Israel, reminding of the nation that was officially established in 1948.  ALSO, the majority of victims were supposedly in Holocaust Remembrance Class and David Hogg put out the book titled 'Never Again', which is the slogan for the Holocaust stated by the false ones, the "Jewish" ones.

Also, the Parkland shooting came on a Jewish holiday:

This news comes 171-days after the shooting (18th triangular), or a span of 172-days.

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