Tuesday, August 13, 2019

138 | Tool's 'Fear Inoculum' breaks record as longest Billboard Hot 100 hit over 10-minutes

This news comes August 13, or 13/8, like 138.

Tool does things by the numbers, and so does the Billboard chart.



  1. Did you see "The Base" is coming to a town near you?

    I found it interesting that another "The Base" is based in Brooklyn, NY
    I'm sure you already figured out the 39
    To me it sounds like they are a more radical domestic group, kind of like how ISIS was a more radical group from Al Qaeda.

  2. "Tools" is a perfect match to "Venus" in all four base ciphers. Venus Williams wins today on the date of the Venus-Sun Conjunction technically the Superior Conjunction of Venus. The ratio of orbital resonance for Venus and Earth is 13:8. This conjunction also ties into 811 since the Sun and Venus will be at 141° of the ecliptic for the conjunction.

  3. Venus went into the Cincinnati Masters with 243 losses. Like I mentioned Islamic New year is on the 243rd day. Islam and Venus have matching gematria and Venus has a 243 day orbital period and 243 year transit cycle. Even ESPN has this coded since she's listed as 403 for her stats profile. 4 minutes 3 seconds is 243 seconds. Her next match is on April 15th a day leaving 138 days in the year.


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