Monday, August 12, 2019

1729 | Record 1,729 Jews entered Temple Mount, Sunday, August 11, 2019, Tisha B'Av

I'll have to think on the symbolism of this number.

For starters, 1+7+2+9 = 19 (Chaos = 19)


  1. 1+7 = 8
    2+9 = 11
    8 11

    1. Very nice!! 1729 + 9271 = 1100. Kinda crazy you get that 11 back by adding the reflection. This year is 290 years after the year 1729. "Christ" = 290 Jewish "Miriam" (as in Mary) = 290 hebrew gematria Flauwy and Derek have done an excellent job tying Epstein's death into this years eclipses. Flauwy mentioned his birthday was on the day of this years Blood Moon. "Eclipse Sacrifice" = 290 reverse ordinal "The Synagogue of Satan" = 290 reverse ordinal.

    2. The 1729th verse of the bible talks about turning sand into lice "lice" = 29 ordinal

    3. And that would be Exodus 8:18. Maybe pointing to a date. August 18th. You gotta think that maybe with Egypts involvement in the Oslo accords we could see something going on there. Plagues in Egypt. Lice was the 3rd plague. 3 out of 10. 3-10. Dan Behrendt big on the 310.

    4. So I think I figured out the Epstein-Barr riddle with your caller talking about the Epstein Barr Virus. That's the same thing as mononucleosis more commonly known as "Mono" simply an anagram of "Moon". That's all there is to it. The guy dies 202 days after a Total Lunar Eclipse on a date with 57 numerology.

    5. One more thing to add to the 243 Venus stuff. As a caller mentioned Fatimah is associated with Venus. Her death day is the same day as the Islamic New year August 31st the 243rd day of the year. 8/18 on the Julian Calendar. That 1729th verse being Exodus 8:18....

  2. Replies
    1. @Ram
      All these Truthers are all the same. Fear porn 24/7
      Yes the news is coded, but NO one can tell you how or why. Our universe is coded with numbers and the Zionist try to distort and control the masses using these numbers. Remember the prediction of the LAST Super Bowl and Obama assassination and Hillary winning the election ??
      When predictions are incorrect the go to plan B
      ( my home was robbed/ my computer hacked / my sister dead)

      If you’ve been here long enough you catch all the B.S!

      Zack has to earn a living and it’s kool to have this platform but Truth is not FREE!

  3. Colin Kaepernick will sign with the Philadelphia Eagles on September 3rd

    Kaepernick= 93
    Philadelphia Eagles=93
    September 3rd = 9/3 or 93
    2019= 39 (93 reverse)
    Trump (from NY which also equals 39), has said he'd "liked to see Kaepernick back in the NFL


    1. If they do insert Kaepernick back into the script, I see him signing with the Washington Redskins. Alex Smith injury, same as Alex Smith injury in San Francisco.


      Blog just for sports talk

  4. Here’s a fun one
    (H)ugh (H)urwitz director of Fed Prison hired 5/18/2018
    Until Epstein death 8/10/19 span of 450 days

    Epstein facing 45 years
    Trump the 45th president


  5. "One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Jews Visit" = 223 rr

    'Your Thoughtful Airman' mentioned Epstein's "death"/(rebirth) occuring * 202 * days after a Total Lunar Eclipse --

    "One Thousand Seven Hundred And Twenty Nine Jews" =
    * 202 * rr, 500 eo

    Perhaps this specific number is indicating that Epstein is safely home in Israel, courtesy of the 223/322 clan. :D ;D

  6. 1729...17...29...7th and 10th primes...710...71? Temple = 71 = Talmud,

  7. 1729 looks like 1972 = Perfect season=56 or 11

    Notice the patriots went 18-1 like 811/118

    Miami hosting a record 11 Super Bowls
    #11 Edelman the Jew mvp
    Notice Stephen Ross 12 million fund raiser for #45 (9)
    Brady got 2 year 70 million

    1729 you’re welcome

    Notice Edelman #11 and Harry #8

    You guys are too slow


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