Thursday, August 1, 2019

49 57 113 81 103 113 187 213 | Death of Saoirse Kennedy Hill, granddaughter of RFK, August 1, 2019

This news comes August 1, 2019, 'ritual' day.

Today is the 213th day of the year.

Her name connects to 'blood sacrifice'.

This comes 111-days from Robert Kennedy's upcoming birthday anniversary.

Today is 57-days from the anniversary of the shooting of RFK, June 5, and 113-days from the anniversary of the shooting of JFK, November 22.

Her name connects to 'Scottish' as well.

JFK was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, named after a Scottish Rite Freemason.

Notice the dead woman is the daughter of Courtney Kennedy Hill.

11/22/63 = 11+22+63 = 96

And notice the mother of Courtney is Ethel Kennedy.

The 22-year-old woman is dead 56-days after the anniversary of the day RFK died, June 6.

She is dead on the 113th day of Ethel Kennedy's age.

Notice her 4/11, April 11 birthday.

And don't forget JFK was killed in the 187th year of the nation's existence.

And regarding all the 113 and Scottish tributes, the girl's mother was born on September 9, the day leaving 113-days left in the year.

Notice she is 62, the 'sacrifice' number.

All Seeing Eye = 205
Poison = 88; Arsenic Poisoning = 88
281, the 60th prime; Skull and Bones & Genesis 3:22 related
101, 26th prime; Assassin = 101

Notice above Ethel Kennedy is 3-months and 22-days into her age.

Read my prior posts on Genesis 3:22 and 281.

There's also something to say about 'granddaughter'.

8/1/2019 = 8+1+20+19 = 48 (Illuminati = 48) (Freemason = 48)

August 11 is the 223rd day of the year.  It can be expressed 11/8, like 118.

JFK died in Dallas, Texas.  Dallas, Texas = 118


  1. Interesting.
    "Kennedy Curse" = 144

    "Steve Smith stared down a depleted England attack and a hostile Edgbaston crowd as his superb century single-handedly rescued Australia on the opening day of the 2019 Ashes."

    Smith scored 144.

  2. The Kennedy that matters is her cousin Caroline Kennedy. she died 118 days before her birthday. As you said on 8/1 or 1/8. Venus = 18,81.



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