Sunday, August 4, 2019

79 83 | El Paso shooter identified as Patrick Crusius

The El Paso shooter has been identified as Patrick Crusius, 21-years-old.

Bavarian Illuminati = 188
Synagogue of Satan = 190
Mason = 62
False Flag = 33 / 48
Mass Shooting = 78
Masonic = 29
Murder = 79 / 83 (Shooting on August 3); Dayton = 79 (Followed by shooting in Dayton 
Government = 52; Authority = 52 


  1. Patrick Crusius (his last name reminds me of Nikolas Cruz) also wrote a manifesto!

  2. such an Irish theme going on. Saoirse, Patrick, now Connor


    This -- obviously planted -- profile says Crusius is an "Activist" who belongs to "Antifa" (how convenient ...) & lived at:
    609 Roanoke Drive in Allen, TX.
    (Didnt you have some YT trouble over a false flag in Roanoke, VA?)

    Even as I'm writing this, the info on here is changing - his home value went from $1 to $666.
    It claims he drives a "1969 Hummer" -- they weren't even made until 1983.
    Supposedly another Patrick Crusius, aged 32, lives in Montgomery, AL ... but clicking on that link leads to a "410 Page Not Found".

    Note the probable pronunciation of Crusius -- "Cru-shes".
    Yes, like Crushes -- but also like the pronunciation of Cruces -- the NM city of Las Cruces is about 45 miles west of El Paso.
    Las Cruces is Spanish for The Crosses.

    Just thought I'd pass this info on to whoever might be interested.
    :D ;D

  4. I did a video on El Paso 911 days before the shooting. I even mention how blood = 44 hebrew gematria and a big part of the story was how people are donating blood. Too weird. Dan Behrendt and I were talking about the drowning theme earlier this year. A kid in my hometown named "Cooper Swims" drowned and he has the same birthday as Dan.

  5. I may have found something huge with Trump,


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